You are an expression of the divine Self, and it creates through you in two ways: It inspires and moves you, as much as you allow it to, to create the reality it intends for you, and it also allows your egoic self to create the reality it chooses. So, two things are going on in any moment: the divine Self, or essence, is attempting to move you according to its intentions, and the egoic self is attempting to move you according to its desires, beliefs, and other conditioning. In any moment, you have the freedom to choose whether to follow the ego or essence.

The egoic self has quite an advantage because you are programmed to believe that you are this self. Furthermore, you are programmed to belief that its beliefs and desires are yours and
that they are true and useful guides for how to live your life. This set up leads to lots of learning and growth for the character that is living this life, and the divine Self created the egoic self and the programming to do exactly this. Your programming, or conditioning, is designed to bring the divine Self a unique experience because every person has entirely different programming and therefore is bound to have entirely different experiences.

The Self is having this experience through you because it is its way of playing, exploring, and expanding itself. It experiences life through you, and it affects life through you as well. It shapes life according to the type of experience it wishes to have through you, and it accomplishes this through the intuition and by inspiring you to act and move in particular ways. When you are not following your thoughts, you discover that you still speak and act in the world. Your thoughts don’t determine all of your speech and actions, although they do determine most of them when you are identified with the egoic self. When you are identified with essence, your speech and actions come from essence, not the egoic self, and that creates a very different life and experience than when you follow your thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful creators of reality. What you think and believe often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. For instance, if you think you are competent, you will feel confident when you are faced with a task, and this will help you behave competently. You will be determined to prove that you are competent because that is your self image. On the other hand, if you believe you are not competent, you will not feel confident, and this lack of confidence will undermine your will to be competent. People don’t like to have their beliefs proven false, even negative beliefs, so they would rather prove them true than change them.

So, your thoughts are powerful, but they are only one aspect of your reality and of what is creating your reality. Other people’s thoughts and actions also affect your reality, and you have only so much influence over these. More importantly, essence is guiding your life, and it affects your reality in any number of ways. Primarily, it affects it through your intuition and through inspiring you to take action. You act according to your intuition and according to how you are spontaneously moved, which is often in contradiction to your thoughts and beliefs. So, thoughts are by no means the only creators of your reality. The Self is also influencing other people’s actions and choices in the same way. Many forces are at work in the creation of your reality: your will, other people’s will, and the Self’s will.

The Self is an active participant in life. It didn’t create you separate from it and leave you to create whatever you wish. The Self co-exists within you along with the egoic self, which is really just the sense that you are an individual separate from other creations and from the Self. In reality, there is no separation between you and others and between you and the Self because the Self has manifested all of it and lives through all of it. It is playing in third dimensional reality by creating this character that you think of as you and by inspiring and moving this character to act in certain ways. It is ever-present and active in your life.

You co-create your reality with the Self. You co-create by choosing to follow your desires and thoughts or by choosing to follow your intuition and the spontaneous movement of the Self as it lives through you. All the while, everyone else has this same freedom of choice, and this creates a very unpredictable but delightfully chaotic set of circumstances for the Self (and you) to enjoy.

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