Human experience of life indicates that the universe consists of two realms – the realm of the natural world and the supernatural realm.

We are able to identify with and relate to the natural world because we are part of it and are in physical contact with it. Now that scientific investigations have enabled us gain considerable knowledge of the physical world we have become even more at home in this realm.

However, the more we understand and achieve control of the natural world through science and technology, the more we disregard and are disconnected from the supernatural realm. Our attitude today seems to be: whatever does not conform to the natural occurrences we are familiar with cannot be reality. Centuries of probing into the natural world has blinded us to the supernatural. But is there evidence that a supernatural realm exists?

We are indebted to the Judeo-Christian religious tradition for the many miracles that are recorded in the Bible and which provide evidence that the supernatural exists. Miracles took place in answer to the prayers of the Old Testament prophets of ancient Israel. The same can be said of Jesus Christ and his apostles. Up to the present time, miracles are known to occur when ministers of the Gospel pray and ask for God’s intervention in people’s lives. God is another name for the supernatural.

The supernatural is spiritual in nature and can be thought of as Universal Mind. Universal Mind is possessed of infinite power and intelligence. This is in addition to being omnipresent and eternal. Universal Mind is infinitely benevolent and morally perfect. The supernatural realm is the source of the power and intelligence that brought the natural world into existence. Universal Mind has sovereignty over its creation and so the natural world can be considered as God’s kingdom.

Being in God’s kingdom and doing God’s will actually mean participating effectively, efficiently and harmoniously in the natural world in accordance with God’s purpose for humankind. To attain heavenly bliss is to gain the complete happiness and fulfillment that come from such God-friendly participation. Some faiths hold the belief that someday the dead will rise again and after the Last Judgment, all the righteous will go to heaven and spend eternity with God in bliss. This, in fact, is a misconception.

The creative process that brought the natural world into existence is ongoing. God is still doing creative work. God carries on creative work through human beings. All useful and constructive activities by human beings are actually creative work. Human creative activity begins with the reception of thoughts and ideas in our mind. These thoughts and ideas which first exist in the mental state are then transformed into physical reality by the use of our mental and physical powers. Our mental and physical powers together constitute our creative ability.

God is the source and origin of all thoughts and ideas. Through the thinking process, God initiates, motivates, assists and supports human creative activity. God is the motive power and the creative essence of the universe.

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