Well yes actually. What I’m about to say might sound a bit radical but we ALL actually are God force creative energy. WE create through intention, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions.

A friend of mine recently was talking about setting up an alter and praying to his guru…a human guru… who may or may not be enlightened… and I thought this was a really strange thing to do….partly because I don’t believe in the concept of gurus…especially in this Aquarian age we are moving into where we are leaving behind the old paradigms of looking to gurus, priests, ministers, presidents…etc. for the answers and acknowledging our own inner guru and our own access to all the knowledge in the universe.

Not to say that some gurus aren’t messengers of divine information…but there are many, many messengers of divine information and I believe God works through many different persons and forms to bring us the information we are looking for…there isn’t just “one” person with all the access to universal knowledge.

But in the end your own inner guidance has to be the one to tell you what is true for you and the particular soul path you are on in this lifetime.

However, my friend said miracles would happen in his life when he prayed to this guru. This got me thinking….

According to the Law of Attraction our reality is created by OUR thoughts and no one else can affect change in our reality except for us. So does this mean that God or Angels or the Universe…or human gurus can’t deliver miracles in our lives? Who or what actually creates the miracles?

What I believe is that WE are the ones who create the miracles…when we set our intentions and put our request to the universe….all of the universe (including the help of angels and divinities) strives to create and deliver our manifestation to us… but if it’s true that everything is really one and the universe is us and we are the universe…then WE are actually the creators.

As the beloved author of the channeled book The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, so eloquently put it that the “Soul of the World is part of the Soul of God and that the Soul of God is actually our own Soul.”

What if, instead of setting up an alter to another deity or guru, that you set up an alter to yourself and prayed to yourself as Divine Creator? Does that seem blastphemous to you?

Think about that. What are your beliefs and consciousness around this?

What if you started to recognize YOURSELF as the powerful creator of worlds, magic and miracles in your life? The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on expands. When you praise your own divinity and creative power you expand and magnify it….just as you expand and magnify anything that you focus on.

Once you start recognizing your power as the Divine Creator of your own life instead of giving your power away to someone else you think is more powerful or more connected than you, once you start to see that we all have the same access to all the knowledge in the universe, then I believe you can really start to see miracles in your life….and realize YOU were the one who created the miracles you see happening in your life. You will start to own your own amazing power.

This is really a big shift in belief systems and consciousness….to view yourself as a God or Goddess…as the Divine Creator…you might have to sit with this one for a while before you can wrap your head around it…I know I did.

But after thinking about this for a while and wrapping my own head around this I decided to pray to myself…asking my Divine Creator SELF for a miracle. I wanted to start acknowledging my own inner Divine Creator Goddess energy as the powerful creatress of worlds, magic and miracles in my life. I also started chanting and toning my own name instead of the name of another deity or guru.

If you want to try it too make sure you use your birthname…the one that is in the akashic records…the name that holds your power. If you’ve taken a spiritual name that reflects more accurately who you are now use that name. Only use YOUR name though…not any surnames that you might have taken on through marriage or adoption.

Rebecca is my birth name and my last name Noel was taken on as part of my spiritual name so when I chant I use my full name of Rebecca Noel….but for most persons you will use your first name only…the name given to you when you were born…the name on your birth certificate..not any abbreviations or nicknames that you may currently use.

For Toning: The emphasis is on the vowels. So for example I tone: Re bec ca No el.

For Chanting: I would chant as a mantra starting with Ohm (primordial sound for the sum total of energy within the body-mind and the universe, then my name (Rebecca Noel) then Swaha (higher consciousness for heavenly awareness)

So my Divine Creator Self Mantra would be:

Ohm Rebecca Noel Swaha

You can try this out for yourself and substitute your own name. Just tune into your own inner guidance and see if this is true for you and if this resonates with any part of your soul and spirit.

Namaste and Happy Manifesting!

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