I dreamt last night that I was flying high above the Earth in a small airplane. I had no safety harness on and I suddenly felt very afraid. I panicked! I grabbed onto the steering wheel and pulled it, pushed it and turned it in every way that I could manage to – trying to slow the plane. I wanted to be on the solid ground. I wanted the danger to end!

The plane did not slow down tough. It didn’t crash either. It sailed on through the air and I began to relax. I let go of the wheel.

As soon as I relinquished my attempted control, I was able to see that there was a pilot on board as well. I hadn’t seen him until now. He didn’t speak my language. He took the plane higher. He made it go faster – a lot faster. We soared through the skies higher and faster than I had ever imagined possible- and all was safe.

I awakened feeling strange. Could this analogous of my life?

Can this be an analogy of your life?

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