I have witnessed people close to death with loved ones by their side, they have not spoken to in years. There appears to be a lot of pain there.

I think bonding is organic. It comes from love, it cannot be forced.

I’m sure we all have had someone we just can’t bond with, and that is okay.

My birth father died a long painful death. During that time my mother invited some of his ex lovers over to say good bye. There had been turmoil surrounding some of these women over the years, yet she was able to reach in her heart and bond with the experience. I still marvel at that today. It was a bonding experience from love.

I think many of us have strong bonds outside our family members. We bond with neighbors, friends, co-workers and animals, in some cases more so than our own blood line. In this marvelous time we also have strong bonds with people we communicate with via the internet. We may never meet them in person, but it does not matter because we are close in energy. Do you believe like attracts like? I do, and I witness it in my own embodied experience.

I personally try to follow some basic guidelines:

1. I know I must bond with myself first

2. I know I must do my work so I am not the “squeaky wheel” of my tribe that
drains it of energy

3. I try to focus on others strengths

4. I try to remember that we all make mistakes, bad choices and act stupid

5. I understand that I cannot bond with everyone

6. I forgive

7. I expect miracles

8. I Love

Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls
Kahlil Gibran quotes

If you would like to be in my space, are in Southern California and would like to bond with me, my family and some other families at our Park Day Outing- Lake Balboa, in May, send me an email so I can give you the details.

Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews

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