We were all excited to have signed on for Yes, You Can! an empowerment program developed by Dr. Charlotte Kasl, the creator of The 16 Steps. Her concept of empowerment is aligned with resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity. Kasl’s empowerment model is designed to support individuals in asserting their competence by taking action on their own behalf. It’s about creating internal stability both physically and mentally, acting with self care, developing supportive relationships and experiencing gratitude and wonder.

Here are some action items that will help you feel empowered when the going gets tough:
1. In a confusing situation ask yourself:
• First: “Is my self talk supporting my best interest?”
• Second: “If I was totally clear, strong, confident and honest what would I do?”
2. Write out your weaknesses and burn the paper.
3. Declare your strengths.
4. Rather than listing your guilty acts, write down your appreciations and accomplishments.
5. Avoid situations, jobs and people who tend to diminish you.
6. Seek situations, jobs and people who affirm your intelligence and worth.
7. If in doubt about how to respond to someone’s comments say, “Wow!” in a way that expresses your internal emotions—hurt, thrilled, discouraged or encouraged.
8. Trust in your own truth—in what you see, know and feel.
9. Discover your inner calling and take action to follow it.
10. Be the peace you long to experience.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia Morgan is a Canadian keynote speaker, workshop leader and author of From Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work. Discover how to strengthen your resilience at www.FromWoeToWOW.org
Contact Patricia to help your people lighten their load and strengthen their resiience at 403-242-7796 and www.SolutionsForResilience.com