I’m not talking about what you may be thinking about. I am talking about the fine aroma of a new invention. I am talking about the essence of a unique new product. I am referring to something with a sweet flavor that will last forever. I am talking about my boss’s new product.

You can’t tell me that yours is better or bigger than mine. That just isn’t possible. I know the kind of time and effort my new boss put into developing this one of a kind product. I know the investment in money and hard labor that was expended to make this a stand-alone work of art available at an unbelievable low price.

The truth is that your product doesn’t come close to comparing to mine. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Our product has it all – the looks, the feel, the dynamics, the smell of a winner.

The fact is that for once in my life I have sniffed out a prize product. It may not be purely organically correct to say this, but I think I am in love, and you will be too when you see it. This might even be love at first sight. I am talking about the kind of emotional high that may only come once in a lifetime, the kind of innovative miracle that when you buy it lets you know immediately that it was well worth waiting for.

You can take my word for it, I have a nose for these sorts of things, but you don’t have to. You can see and judge its merits for yourself. Your senses will revel in the pure ecstasy touching it, smelling it, and holding it will give you. You can taste the sweet nectar of knowing you own something other people can only aspire to possessing. You can draw your own conclusion and marvel when the wonders of _____________________________ product are revealed to you.

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