Who are you ? What do you worth for me in my life ? I would just describe this as that you are the person that made me come out of the darknesss into this colorful world, you are the person who bought joy in my life, you are the person who made me realize the value of life, you taugh me everything what is wrong and what is right, what to do and what not to do, just as the parents teach their kid when he/she is born. Now I realize what is life ? What is it worthy of ? You changed me completely. My life was completely dark, it was blindly dark, I had losted my faith, my identity, you gave them back to me. While you taught me everything as being my closest friend, I never realized that the moment you started this just made me felt in love with you. The love increased over and over every single second, everytime I was with you, I use to forget all the worldly matters and It use to feel like as if you are just there in the world of fantasy with me being alone together, holding my hand and talking to me. Your smile just use to vanish my sorrows far away, it use to fill my pain, it bought smile on my face everytime you smiled. Soon enough a day came when my morning came to begin with thinking of you and the night use to end the same way. I use to recall all the memories when I was with you, the whole day. Now is the time that I can say that " You..... you have became my life, everything for me ". There is no world out there for me without you.

People ask me why do i give too much attention towards you rather than giving it to myself, I just reply them that you're my life. If you are not there how can I exist. So, paying attention towards you means that I am paying attention towards my life. What I beleive is that you're the perfect soulmate for me and yes I will lovingly repay you for everything. I cannot just imagine my world without you, because there is no world without you. You have became a medicine forr me, without which I cannot survive well. The beat of my heart starts when I think of you, it stops when I stop thinking, which fairly means a dead person. This indicates that my life cannot run without thinking of you, without sighting you, without talking to you, and without you love and support you have always given me. Sometimes i used to get jealoused of the people you ever hugged because for a moment they hold my whole world. God has blessed me with everything but that everything is completely useless until n unless you are not there. I only pray to God to seek you........ The moments I have always spent with you are unforgetable and the best moments of my life. You are the aim, the goal of my life which I have to acheive in every condition. The picture of my dreams and the target of it is you and only you. You always told me that a good relation doesnot depend on how good understandings we have, infact it depends on how good we avoid the misunderstandings, and I have always followed the path you showed me. You know I love you and I know you love me too and I promise that I will always take care of you and I will always love you, no matter whatever happens.

Everytime you used to look into my eye and smile, that smile of yours, that bubbles up from face within you heart. I find myself so in love with you all over. My dear you cannot imagine what you worth for me. I would just like to say that I love you more than you love me and I promise that I will take a very good care of yours. Just stay with me holding my hand throughout our lives and together we can climb to the top of the world. I miss you every single second when I am away from you. I love you loads..... You are my life and you worth more than myself for me ....... !