Mary threw on her running shoes, grabbed her I-pod and headed for the door. It was a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver and she wanted to make the most of it. She needed to throw off the feelings she was having about dating and finding a partner.

She went out last night to a benefit concert with her girlfriends. This was another Saturday night without a date. Again!

She cranked up the sound on her headset and started running. The words from the lyrics struck a cord with her. She ran and hummed to the lyrics even though she felt her mood and her feelings drop to a very low level.

“Constant craving
Has always been

Ah ha
Constant craving
Has always been

Constant craving
Has always been
Constant craving
Has always been” (Thanks KD Lang)

Imagine how she felt? Her energy was low. And her mood and feelings were bringing down to a much lower energy level. We sometimes call our vibration a vibe. Remember a vibe is simply our mood or feelings. She connected with the music and the lyrics. This was bringing down her mood to a very low level.

This negative thinking was pulling down her vibration. Just imagine if she played this song over and over again throughout her 40 minute run. By listening to the same kind of music over and over again this lowered her vibration. This would only attract more and more of the same feelings and they would spiral down.

How could she turn this around?

You know you can only feel one vibration at a time. If Mary briefly listened to the song by KD Lang and then made a choice to listen to something more uplifting, this would change her mood. The more she listened to the uplifting music the more her mood would expand to a more positive vibration.

What happens when Mary turns her I-pod off and showers, dresses and goes out into the real world? Remember that she can only have one vibration at a time. She gets to choose whether it will be a positive or negative mood that she will be in.

Let’s say she goes out into the world and chooses to feel really good about all the abundance, happiness, joy and peace that she is noticing. She starts to notice the abundance of loving and happy couples around her. She is consciously choosing to feel positive about her life and what she will attract in a partner.

You can feel the positive vibe she is having. Now she is starting to notice more and more of the positive things that she is attracting. She walked into Whole Foods one afternoon to do her shopping and one of the customers was flirting with her. And was he ever handsome!

She went to have her car detailed and the owner of the shop asked her for lunch. She had been going to the same shop for two years and this had never happened before. These successes that she was having will attract more and more successes. She started to create momentum. Now that she was in a positive mindset her vibration was much higher and she started attracting more and more positive things into her life.

So if you want to change your vibration. Focus on the small things in life. For instance, you may notice that there is an abundance of flowers, trees, cars and roads. Start raising your vibration by noticing the positives of each one of these and how many there are. Count them, notice them, enjoy them and embrace all of the abundance that there is in the world. As your mood changes so does what you attract.

Go out there and do it. Who knows how much you will attract!

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