Starting a home business is an important decision. And with so many different companies and products available, it’s hard to know which direction to turn.

So when I decided on a home candle business, it was a big decision.

The truth is, I wasn’t looking for a candle company. I really wasn’t into home shows or retailing. After all, I was a MLM Coach and trainer and my passion is network marketing. How did a candle business fit into that?

When looking for a home business there are a few things you want to look for and consider.

• Huge Market - Candles are burned in 80% of homes, and rank in the top five gift choices year around. They are burned by men and women; young and old; and all ethnic groups.

• Unique, Consumable product - As a Vegetable, Alternative Wax Candle, we have a unique product that is highly consumable.

• Timing and Trends – There’s so much focus on focus on healthy home, air and the environment. What about a green candle, environmentally friendly candle. No black soot or toxins!

• Time Leverage – Network Marketing means time leverage. Build a team, partner with them and earn passive, residual income.

A Simple product – Have you ever tried to explain why a nutritional product reduced your risk of heart disease? Explaining a candle that burns 95% soot free is much simpler.

You might be wondering, wouldn’t a home candle business limit my target market to women?

Absolutely not. The Candle industry is a $3 billion + industry. And it’s important to know what competition you are up against. Compare the competition of about 6 candle companies vs. thousands of nutritional and juice companies.

And talk about trends, with Go Green such a huge deal these days, an alternative, vegetable wax candle fits right in.

It’s also important to learn to create multiple streams of income. A home candle business allows you to earn money three different ways. Retailing, fundraising and team building are your choices. Build your business the way you want to.

Imagine having a customer base of 100 people that keep coming back month after month. It creates a budget for marketing and online activities to grow your team.

A home candle business is new, fresh, and exciting. It’s a a product that requires little explanation without the thousands of competitors.

And it’s such a simple product, you can build your business online. The Internet is an amazing tool when used properly. My goal has always been to work “smarter” vs. harder. The Internet allows you to do just that. And a home candle business is the perfect fit.

So, if you are interested in tapping into the Internet and working a business without bugging your friends and family, check out our options. A home candle business might be just what you are looking for.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Willard is a mom, wife and network marketing professional. She has coached and trained thousands inside and outside her organization. Using the Internet, she believes in a relationship based business without the hype. You can visit her at