For those of us who are Think and Grow Rich fans, I've got another little insight I want to share with you. W. Clement Stone is the person who actually helped Napoleon Hill with his philosophy, promulgating that philosophy—and of course, making the consequent money he did—more than anybody else that ever came along. It was a good association.

W. Clement Stone, for his part, said, "The most important day of my life was the day I began reading Think and Grow Rich."

What do we have here? Well, not to mention the obvious fact that we've got a Mastermind, a symbiotic relationship, the particular point I want to make is that W. Clement Stone took Napoleon Hill's book and integrated it in a major, major way into the culture and the training of his company, the famous, legendary direct sales organization, Combined Insurance Companies.

And that's where most of the philosophy and the public thinking and the rah-rah got out. See, W. Clement Stone had his own book. In fact, he had written several books and training programs, and he even trained with some of them personally.

But when he found that book, he found that it was a jackpot, a cornucopia that would help people to open up and motivate themselves to be top performers, to be motivated to achieve sales and income for themselves and the company, better than anything else. That's all it was.

W. Clement Stone found that that book did what he was looking for. That book solved the problem that he had in his life affairs and business organization, which was keeping direct sales people in the insurance industry (which is a brutal industry) motivated so that they could achieve the goals that some were—the few. And he wanted his company and his sales personnel to be one of that elite group that were playing at the top of their game, constantly rehearsing, sharpening, and improving their attitudes, skills, and motivation.

And that's all it is. The philosophy worked. W. Clement Stone took it, and of course it helped him to help Napoleon. Napoleon, of course, helped W. Clement Stone.

Now, you've just had another slice of history, another slice of human potential. The science of personal achievement history that you can use to put insights together, apply them on your own, put into action, to make your life, your affairs, your business more prosperous.

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