The dictionary talks about ‘Intention’ in two parts:
• an aim or objective, and
• quality of purposefulness.

To elaborate more fully: an intention is something that somebody plans to do that has the quality or state of having a purpose in mind.

Fundamental to INTENTION is belief that ‘thought shapes reality’. That means that what you focus on in your mind, is ultimately reflected in your reality. Reality being a perception an individual chooses to place their focus on and the meaning placed on that focus.

So just why would you want to set intentions?

Bottom line; it’s your intentions that set the course and determine the direction you’re headed and ultimately the results you achieve.

People without clear intentions tend to roll aimlessly from one situation they don’t want to another and their life becomes one of avoidance.

Whether we believe it or not, we tend very much to get what we think about. And if you check in with your results, you can quite easily work out where you place the bulk of you thoughts or intentions.

Intention is sometimes seen as a dogged kind of determination forcing one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. However this is not what intention is.

Intentions activate an energy in the Universe that allows the act of creation to take place. It’s the process of deciding what it is you want, getting a clear picture of it, feeling as if it already is then detaching from the outcome. It’s not so much something you do but more an energy you’re part of.

Intentions give purpose. A person without intention is a person without a purpose. When a mind has no purpose it tends to create pictures of what it DOESN'T WANT and then spends it’s time taking evasive action.

Intentions also have to be in line with your values and beliefs. When intentions are in line with your values and beliefs they flow in an almost magical way.

Anything you give calm, certainty to will expand. So in a relaxed and happy manner, focus your persistent and complete attention on the peaceful and powerful outcome you imagine as if that or something better is your reality. The Universe has no distinction between imagination and reality.

The great thing about setting a powerful intention is that you can literally ‘Set and Forget.’ Gone is the need to stress over outcomes. Gone is the need to make a lot of difficult decisions.

When you’ve set meaningful intentions it’s easy to move from that place of being tossed around on a
sea of aimlessness to a position of confident knowing. It’s so effective.

When you’ve set meaningful intentions you know where you’re coming from. Life simply flows. The value of making that mind shift from fear and chaos to peaceful, knowingness of intention is a life full of purpose and synchronicity. It's a mind shift.

Getting in touch with how it feels as if you already have your intention is one of the key parts to the process. Think of a time when you were doing something you really wanted to be doing because it was important to you, you were having fun and it was all going to plan. That’s the feeling surrounding an intention aligned with your highest values and beliefs.

In setting Intentions based on your highest values your life becomes full of purpose because you understand what's important to you.

Powerful intention statements are shaped from knowing what’s important to you.

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