You mean you think, you are fearful, you are worried that, your head might be on the cutting block next? You mean you think your job isn’t secure? Hold it, hold it I thought that was the whole thing about having a job, was the security of it.

The lie is exposed! Enough said on that point, because when you’re in that condition what are you doing? Talking on the phone for three hours with your girlfriends and your husband’s feeling the same way so he’s out at the bar drinking for three hours with his buddies? Everybody’s talking about and worried about, the bad things that potentially could happen?

Potentially? Still got a job, still got the income, but here’s the real important thing, if you are in that potential situation why aren’t you in school getting more education, getting another degree, another certificate? Maybe doing something that you’ve wanted to do differently all along anyway.

For instance I know it’s a good time to take advantage of other opportunities. Why aren’t you starting a side business? Why aren’t you attending marketing events where you’ve got people whoa are selling people who are forced to keep themselves up and in the synch of this kind of material? That’s it, why aren’t you associating with positive, motivational, inspirational, educational material that can help you make money?

Why aren’t you doing something?

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