For this purpose the Son of God was manifested,
that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus had to die? If what the Bible and Christian tradition says (that some 2000 years ago, Jesus dies on a cross for humanity) is true, the questions that come to mind are; firstly why did he have to die and secondly, did his death accomplish anything?

In my experience I have encountered a few people who cannot come to grasp with the concept of an individual dying for humanity. Not only does it look gross to our modern minds, to be honest it sounds like a myth. If indeed Jesus died and rose as the Bible says, then the said death must be for some important cause. Over the years, different people have promised a salvation of some sort for humanity, but it is not common place for them to deliberately walk to their death like Jesus did in order to save others.

Jesus’ ‘supposed’ death for humanity can at best be described as a dangerous and highly risky venture. Records have it that at the point of His death, he had eleven disciples who were not only cowardly but very fearful, the twelfth having sold Him out some hours earlier. To trust these men who fled at the point of His arrest to be witnesses to the fact that He later resurrected is like expecting snow in the Sahara. But the Bible records that these same cowardly men not only actively witnessed about Jesus life and resurrection but were reckoned to ‘turn the world upside down with their message’. The main difference between the Apostles’ attitude post and pre Jesus’ resurrection is the phenomenon of His resurrection. The death and resurrection of Christ produces power that is potent enough to cause a drastic change in any believing man.

Why did Jesus die? According to Him He died to give eternal life to those who believe in Him. This implies that the said eternal life is an important must-have for man. If what Jesus gave His life for is not of an important value, then His death would be a waste of life and a suicidal act. Knowing the person of Jesus and His character, we are left with no other choice than to attach importance to what He said His death would accomplish. In understanding the reason for Jesus’ death and resurrection, we must know what His version of eternal life is.

Eternal life is an everlasting and never ending conscious existence in a state of real bliss that can be felt, touched and encountered through our senses. This state of real bliss can only be achieved in God. To have everlasting life is to be with God in the same time and space, staring into His glory and being directly affected by His presence; it cannot be enjoyed or possessed in proxy. The importance of this life comes to light when it is placed side by side with what obtains in today’s world. For thousands of years the word has experienced everything from diseases to family breakdowns and wars amongst other evils. Deep down inside us, we all have a feeling of hopelessness that we need solution to. Diplomats, religions and scientists all seek to bring about a perfect world. The hard to swallow truth however is that the world is sliding downhill to the valley of destruction and no human intervention no matter how pious and intelligent can stop it.

It is to this dying world that Jesus offers a route of escape through His death and resurrection. He invites us to come away from destruction into life. He flung wide the gates of life and beckons us to enter in freely. The problems of man though physical are of a spiritual source. Jesus death and resurrection is the spiritual solution to the world’s problems. By solving the problem from source, Jesus not only clears the way for a new spiritual atmosphere but also for a physical one as well.

Why Death?

Couldn’t Jesus solve the world’s problems without necessarily dying? For many who are skeptical about Christianity, this issue of the cross is one of the main bones of contention. Gandhi, ML King Junior other great leaders made impact without dying so why couldn’t Jesus? In the first instance, Jesus was not a ‘human leader’ as Ghandi and the others were. He is divine and the problem He tackled is one so deep it can only be solved by becoming man and experiencing the worst that a man could go through which will eventually lead to death- the ultimate sacrifice for and solution to sin.

Jesus came to solve the problem of sin. Sin is the queen ant breeding all the vices in our world today. The activity of which is not limited to this planet but to the whole universe. It is a disease deeply entrenched in the core of the human soul. Its entrance into Adam at Eden turned God’s masterpiece into a doomed rebel. It lives in every man and manifests itself through the various ills we exhibit and see in our society. Remove sin and you’ll fix the world, and that is exactly what Jesus came to do.

Sin is satan’s nature and only one greater than satan and sin can free man from the satanic power of sin. God would not do it in His capacity as God because that would be unfair to justice, for man willingly entered into sin, which therefore leaves the ball of salvation in man’s court. For anyone to overcome sin on behalf of humanity He must be a man who has starred sin in the face and refused to bulge before it, one who though tempted refused to obey satan and sin against God. No man meets this requirement for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Therefore God had to step into the situation by becoming man, going through all that man goes through and refuse to sin. Jesus was a hundred percent man when He came; He became flesh and according to Paul took the form of a servant. He had the ability to sin like the rest of us, He was hungry, angry, tempted and disturbed in the same way we all are, but He did not sin and that is where the victory lies.

By refusing to submit to the devil in sin, Jesus gained the power to overcome him through death the ultimate sacrifice for sin. Therefore by His death and resurrection, Jesus has conquered the power of sin on humanity. The death He died He did to sin once and for all. In other words, sin is no longer the problem as far as God is concerned. Satan has been conquered and the victory is now available for all to use.

Good news.

This is the good news of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is simply that Jesus has taken away the sins of whoever will believe in Him. With Christ you do not have to pay the spiritual penalty of sin if you believe in Jesus, you can be free to live in freedom again.

Jesus' death and resurrection achieved freedom from sin and from eternal punishment of sin. If you believe Him as God’s son and also believe what He has done on the cross, you will be set free from the punishment of your sins and have His blood cleansing you from the by products of the dead human nature- the everyday sins we fall into.

The good news again is once a person gives His life to Jesus; he is no longer under the condemnation of sin and can look forward to heaven and eternal life with God. Eternal life starts from the moment a person gives their life to Jesus Christ. At salvation, the Holy Spirit comes into you and energizes you to live for God on a daily basis. Sin and all its characteristics will start dropping off gradually in you as you start to walk towards perfection.

So then why did Jesus die? He died to save the world from sin and to make heaven available to whoever believes in Him. This is the good news, it is indeed sweet news and I am happy to be associated with it. It is the news of salvation, free salvation to the world.

The world, you and I need not continue forever in misery because Jesus has paid the price for peace in this world and in the post death world. Hallelujah, salvation is available.

Even so come Lord Jesus and take your saints home.


Author's Bio: 

Oyinlade Oladipo is a Christian Author, Songwriter and recording artiste. He has authored 6 books, the latest being Securing Tomorrow Today ( His articles can be read on the website
He resides in the UK.