Why do some people hate their jobs?
Why do we sometimes hate to do a certain task?
Why do we sometimes hate to travel by car and prefer the train?
Why do we hate doing certain things?

This article will provide the with answers to all of these questions in addition to giving you the reason behind hating to do any task in the world. You may think that you hate your job because of your bad boss, the work load you have or because of the nature of the job but actually none of these things is the real reason behind hating doing a certain task.

The psychology of Hatred

Hatred is the mechanism your mind uses to keep you away of things that may represent a threat to your well being. When you hate a task you actually hate the emotions that you experience while doing that task and not the task itself. When your mind finds that you always become overwhelmed with unpleasant emotions while doing something then it will automatically make you hate this thing in order to protect you from future unpleasant emotions.

If you don’t have good stress management skills and if your job contains lots of stress then most probably you will be experiencing lots of frustration while working. This stress and frustration is what will make you eventually hate this job because your mind will find that this task badly affects your well being.

If your manager always shouts at you it’s not his shouting that made you want to quit but rather it’s your response to this shouting. That’s why you may find two people doing the same task yet one of them is happy and the other wants to quit.

This goes for everything else and not just your job. If you hate to travel by car its because of the unpleasant emotions you experience while driving for long distances. If you hate going to the gym its because of the unpleasant emotions you experience while exercising and so on.

So what I am supposed to do?

If quitting the job is not an option for you and if you have to keep doing this task that you don’t like then all what you have to do is to learn how to deal with these bad emotions you experience while doing the task and this will be enough to solve the problem. In the example involving stress that was mentioned above, learning how to deal with stress will surely result in making you find your job more pleasant and eventually you will like it.

In summary, it’s the emotions we experience while doing a task that results in making us hate the task and not the task itself. By learning how to deal with these emotions you could learn how to love a task that you already hate.

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