Why Do We Fall In Love?

you were walking down the street ,nothing was unusual and then suddenly she came out from a nearby shop and it happened that you fell in love with her at the first sight,Huhh!! what happened ??

the answer is simple, its all related to how your mind works.if you are single or currently not involved in a relation, your mind will be always in a state of looking for your awaited partner,even if you think that you don't care about that now, if someone did match your criteria then you will fall in love with him.

But Why She? Why Not Someone Else?

each one of us have got some kind of a check list stored into his mind which includes some criteria that the other person must meet in order to qualify as someone who could be loved by him. if any of the items of the list were not matched then the person becomes disqualified and you just think of him as a friend. the items in your check list are of course unique and specific depending on your background ,values and beliefs. lets see an example of the first three lines of a check list of a person called X . x is a guy and his list stars with the following three conditions:

1- she must be from the same educational background

2-her hair must be black

3- she must be assertive

if x is currently not involved in any relations and he met a new yellow haired girl, most likely he wont consider her as qualified to be loved by him because she doesn't match condition number two.

If someone passed all of the conditions still its not a guarantee that he will be loved by the person having that list, but instead he just qualifies and you the person may love him or not depending on many other factors. in some very rare cases the check list could be strongly violated which is the case of unconditional love.

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