Money does not buy happiness because it, and what we can do with it, is not what our spirits desire. What we long for, more than anything, is love and connectedness, both of which cannot be purchased. You probably knew this already. If we know money does not buy happiness, then why do we keep trying? This has become such a tendency in our culture today. Dare it be said this has something to do with why our economy is functioning as it is and why so many people are leading a life that is out of balance. Many individuals follow popular trends rather than their internal desires.

Suppose you buy a new house and a new car because your co-worker or best friend bought one. You are attempting to fit in and be accepted, but you never truly feel accepted because you were not living and acting true to yourself. Sometimes you might find yourself wishing you had the life, job, personality or belongings of someone else. Living envious of others cannot bring you happiness. Comparing yourself to others typically only brings feelings of discouragement. Envisioning your own dreams coming true can bring encouragement and motivation to pursue those goals. Part of living authentically involves creating and honoring your vision.

Some of our most basic emotional needs are to feel respected, to be accepted and to feel loved. These are things we all seek. Going about them in ways that are inauthentic, however, will not bring those needs closer. An example of this is by spending money, overeating, drinking alcohol or using drugs to feel better. Seeking indulgent behaviors does not indulge anything in your soul. Rather, it takes you further from yourself.

With credit cards and other ‘buy now, pay later’ methods people have come to believe that anything worth having should come instantly. This happens in other ways too such as seeking information on the Internet and finding it immediately at your fingertips. This allows us to be rewarded before taking responsibility and earning what we desire. There are greater rewards, however, in learning patience and perseverance. Without fortitude we often can give up on what we want for ourselves before even trying, if we feel something would take too much time or energy. Perhaps this has caused you to give up on your dreams. If you have taken the time to envision a better future, you dreams are worth pursuing.

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Jennifer N. Reed, M.A. is a Life Balance Mentor and provides coaching services nationwide. She helps individuals who are overwhelmed and burnt-out learn how to slow down in order to live more authentic, meaningful lives. To sign up for her FREE articles or to learn more about her individual and group services, visit