The concept of eating natural raw foods in their living state makes sense to every species in the world except for humans. It’s also quite funny that we’re the only species that struggles with obesity and a contrasting weight obsessed culture.

How many wild animals suffer from obesity (or even other human diseases for that matter)? NONE!


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they eat living foods – that is foods that are not cooked. So let’s have a quick look at how eating more raw foods can help you lose weight (and keep you amazingly healthy).

Reason #1 – Raw Foods are Nutrient Dense

By choosing to eat more raw fruits and vegetables you inevitably bring more vital nutrients into your body. Since your body is receiving more minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients than it’s used to, you actually consume less food. It’s by eating nutrient-void foods (ie. colas, processed and fast foods, etc…) that your body will constantly seek new foods simply because it’s trying to meet its mineral quota.

But here’s the irony. Eventhough you don’t have to eat as much food when you eat living raw foods, you can still get away with eating more food without packing on the pounds. Here’s why…

Reason #2 – Raw Foods Contain Food Enzymes

Natural living foods are unique because they contain enzymes which facilitate their host’s (the food) digestion. When foods are heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit 100% of their enzymes are destroyed – not to mention the majority of their vitamins and minerals as well.

Food enzymes are so powerful because they help digest the foods you eat and help provide the necessary catalysts for every single chemical reaction in the body. For instance, a raw avocado will digest itself inside the body because it contains the enzyme lipase – which breaks down fat. Your body’s precious digestive enzymes need not worry. However, if you cook this avocado, then your body is forced to send out its “limited” digestive enzymes to do the work.

Furthermore, the fact that you heated this “fatty fruit” means that the fats inside the avocado have now become rancid and are now dangerous to your body, unrecognizable, and more easily stored as fat!

Reason #3 – Raw Foods are Water-Rich

Because raw foods are not cooked, their incredible water content is left intact. When foods are cooked, they become dehydrated as their water is “burned” away. As a result, the body is forced to work harder and use its own water to digest the food. This takes more energy and dehydrates your body – not a good thing!

But since raw foods are water-rich they provide your body with tons of fresh water. This is important since water is needed to flush away toxins and “garbage” from within the body. It is also an essential component for anyone trying to lose weight. The more water you drink, the less hungry you become.

You Need to Feel it to Believe it!

I could write all day about the benefits of eating more raw living foods. But the only way to ultimately understand the power of eating natural fresh foods is simply to do it. Just watch the energy you will feel. The clarity of mind. The calmness and tranquility. Oh yeah, and watch your body melt the fat away and return to its ideal weight!

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