The reason why I chose to be a tailor was that out of the choices I had to choose from that was the best choice I could think of. I thought it would be interesting to find out what you have to do to become a tailor and be successful at it. Tailors require little college education also so it would not be a hard field to get into if you got good at doing it and worked well with clothing. Which I thought I could do with a little help and training I would be able to accomplish this and become a good tailor.

The values that I chose as my top three were ones based on doing this tailoring business. The first one of importance was to have flexible hours to work it would be nice to work when you want to and be able to set your own hours. The next value I thought of importance would be to have on the job training. I would need some expertise in this field to become a good tailor and become successful. Last but not least would be to challenge I think that would motivate me the most because I like to challenge what I do in every day life so a challenge at work would motivate me even more.

There were three top career choices that I chose from both SIGI+ and Career Cruising. My top 3 choices I chose was tailor first, sheet metal worker second, and massage therapist third. I thought my third choice massage therapist was just not what I would want to do as a career. The second choice was to be a sheet metal worker I thought that this would be also a good choice because of the values that I chose also fit to do this job also. In the end my first choice to be a tailor seemed to be the best of the three and what I would want to do if I chose one of my choices.

What tailors do is they make clothing specially designed to fit customers. They also alter clothes to better fit the customer. Tailors are also required today to act as salespeople. They have to promote certain products a store caries, or do some cashier work. Some Tailors work for clothing stores. When there is need for alteration tailors they could work dry cleaners. An example of this would be a man who had gained weight and needed to have his trousers widened the tailor would measure him out and find the appropriate size.

Tailors work full-time and are paid on an hourly basis. Tailors who also do sales make commission on the number of suits or clothing they can sell and make. Tailors that are just starting out make a little over minimum wage. On average, they can earn around $8 to $12 dollars an hour. Those with a great deal of experience and expertise can make up to $18 dollars an hour. Then those with self-employed tailors can earn from $15 to $30 dollars an hour.

A typical day for tailor goes as followed first the tailor shows the customer different types of fabric and discusses color, texture and pattern, helping the customer decide which will suit him or her best. When that is done the tailor will take the person?s measurements. The tailor then cuts the fabric according to a pattern. Then the tailor cuts the pattern according to a pattern. The arms, legs and collar are all cut separately. Pieces of cardboard are used as templates for each piece of the suit. The pieces are then sewn together, either by hand or sewing machine. When the suit is almost finished the tailor calls the customer and has him come in for a fitting. To have the customer make his final saying about anything he would want changed before the final touches are made for the suit. If any altercations are needed the tailor may have to cut new pieces of fabric, or simply shorten the pieces that are already sewn on. The final touches and the suit is pressed and the tailor calls the customer to come and see the suit. Then if there are no other complaints the customer will buy the suit.

Tailors are responsible to make dead lines on suits because the customer wants it fast and you have to set yourself to make the suit. They also have to take time on suits because if it doesn?t look good are you messed up on it the customer might not pay for a ruined suit. It is also good to get yourself noticed by sending out flyers to get out there. Also you should make a good impression on your customer and make them feel welcome and it is possible they will recommend you to other people who need altered suits or clothing.

The tailor business right now is not doing so well right now. It is declining as many people now buy ready-to-wear suits and dresses. The tailor business slows down when the economy slows down, as fewer people have the extra money to get clothes tailor-made. So the tailor business doesn?t seem like you will make a lot of money until you have a little more experience.

There are no educational requirements to become a tailor. Of course, it is useful to get any experience you can with a sewing machine and a stem iron, as well as with hand stitching. It is hard finding a person to teach these skills to someone it takes a few years to make a suit from scratch. Technical colleges offer some programs related to tailoring, including fashion, design, textiles and dressmaking. Many of these courses are available at night, so you can take them on a part-time basis while working another job. The personal characteristic that is needed is perfectionism. It is very important to have this characteristic to be successful in the tailor business. Speed is also very important characteristic to have. It is important to have it to finish suits fast and effective in the tailor business. You will need these and other things to become a tailor and sounds like it would be an interesting job to be in.

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