Jane Fonda met, soon to be star, James Franciscus in her college drama class. As she wrote in her autobiography, 'My Life So Far', "James was movie star handsome, smart, literate, and had a sense of humor." He became her first real love.

She goes on to say that Franciscus had a great passion for his epic poem drama that he was writing. Reading what he had done so far, Fonda said, "It was heroic and profound."

However, two years later, Jane said, "The relationship dimmed. I was getting bored. He seemed stuck. His poem problematic. He could never get past the first act."

I tell this story to the men in my "James Bond Lifestyle" class to illustrate just how important it is to have a passion for a project.

However, once you start a project, be it a book, a trip plan, a new addition to your house, getting a new car, or going to college. After you announce it, be sure to finish it.

There are too many men trying to impress women with, "I'm witting a novel." After having said it, you'd better have it finished in a reasonable amount of time. You'd better have it printed up and hand it to her, before she get's bored like Fonda did with Franciscus turning down his marriage proposal.

James Bond Lifestyle rule, "If you say you'll do something, do it."

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