Chart Patterns are a very useful tool in the trading world. They are patterns that can give you precise entry and exit signals, and allow you to catch the biggest moves in the market.

So why are they good to look at? Here are some reasons.

1. They give you a buy signal

With chart patterns you are no longer guessing when to get into a stock or when to exit. The patterns have clear buy and sell signals that you can look at. This lets you develop rules and get in without any emotional factors. And eliminating emotions is one of the big keys to being successful in the market.

2. Small Losses

You can use chart patterns to help keep your losses small, because you know where to exit. If a stock breaks out of a pattern it is a buy signal if it goes back into a pattern, chances are that it will continue to work against you.

3. Manage risk

With chart patterns you can manage how much you are going to risk on each trade. When you buy a stock you always want to have a stop on it just to tell you where you are going to cut your losses at. Well when you buy a stock breaking out of a chart pattern you get an idea of where you can place your stop at.

This allows you to be able to see how much you are probably risking on each trade by looking at the difference between the price of the stock and support.

4. Gives you a target

Chart patterns give you a target to shoot for so that you do not have to question, “is this where I get out?” Instead you can look at the potential target for the chart pattern and use that to determine if there is still a move.

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