That is the question isn’t it. For some people these mysterious forces keep interjecting in their lives that they are forced to ask “Why me?” Somehow the thought is that whatever has happened to them is not happening to other people that they are the only ones who ever experience hardship of any kind. They fail to realize that we all are faced with many “why me” moments constantly throughout all of our lives. 

What they should be asking themselves is “What is my why?” That will far better allow them to understand why their lives are messed up, and that is what the question “why me” is really asking. Why is my live so messed up that I constantly face ______? You can fill in the blank with whatever you desire because wherever you go it is all the same. I used to travel for a company many years ago and I found that the same excuses and circumstances I faced many years ago had made their way around to all the places I would travel to. And since the same excuses and circumstances were a constant in any particular place, I had to come to the realization that it was the individual who mattered in these circumstances. So if the challenges face everybody the same, then what is the answer to the question “Why Me?”  

Very simple, it is that the focus is on the individual and not on a greater purpose. As I noticed this and began to focus more on my why and aspirations I found that the challenges did not impact me as much. As I began to improve myself and strive toward a larger aim, I found that the I could overcome much more than when my focus was on me.

So begin today to ask yourself not why me, but what is my why. Start a process of forming a why and starting a personal development process that will allow you to become the person that will be able to achieve the why. 

You were born with such great potential and magnificence. The process of growing up and facing the world of challenges beats much of the belief we had as children out of us to the point where we can no longer feel their existence. But let me tell you those qualities are still inside you and are hoping everyday that you will finally release them.  

When you stop asking “why me” and begin to ask “what is my why” you will feel as if you have abruptly changed directions. Like the James Bond movies where he is racing down a road and then grabs the emergency brake and spins around to begin racing the other direction. Not only do you recognize the change, but the scenery changes as well. Your turn around may mean disassociating with people who have been friends your whole life. It may mean releasing the excuses that kept your safe from any blame. It may mean accepting finally that you are responsible for your life and EVERYTHING that has taken place in it. 

Yes, what I am saying is not easy to do for most people. That is why 97% of people end up dead or dead broke at age 65. But the pain of going through the process of changing course is well worth the results in the end. 

So stop asking yourself, “why me?” And begin asking “what is my why?” You will find your whole life turn around as your focus now shifts toward others and off of yourself. And besides, you don’t want to know the answer to “why me?”

Author's Bio: 

Bill Loyd is a Business/Success coach with a wide and diverse back ground. He is dedicated to the success of all people world wide. He focuses on establishing relationships and watching his clients grow in all aspects of life, personally, spiritually and financially.