In case you are not familiar with the famous quotation which serves as the title for this article….. your children will undoubtedly recognize the quote “Why not? Why not you? Why not now?” as stated by “Aslan” the lion (and proper ruler of Narnia) in the Chronicles Of Narnia.

Stay with me here...this is a serious and valid question! Why not you? Why not now? What are you waiting for? What’s in your way? What’s keeping you from achieving all of your dreams?

How often have you heard some one say “This is my time,” “Now it’s my turn,” “This is my destiny,” “I’ve waited my whole life for this (defining) moment!” So, what does this say about their “belief” system and level of “confidence”? Or their “self-expectations”?

Clearly, they expect (and believe) that something great and wonderful is going to happen to them... Right then... Right now! One of my favorite affirmations comes from author and speaker Joyce Meyer who continually states that “Something good is going to happen to me today!”

In like fashion, you have also heard people say, “Someday, when my ship comes in...” What kind of expectations do these people have? You are exactly right, it’s wishful thinking. No real belief or expectation. The representation in this scenario is a lotto mentality: “a dollar and a dream.” No real expectation or belief in the dream or themselves. In football, this would be referred to as a “Hail Mary” mentality. While they want a tangible result, they are not willing to really believe for it or in themselves, let alone bust their butt to achieve it.

Have you ever considered that “expectation is the breeding ground of hope”? What is it that you are hoping for? Are you just hoping... or are you actually “believing” for it? While Aslan makes a great point with his quotation, let’s look at this subject through the eyes of a real person that is most familiar to the business world. I am referring to the legendary Writer and Sales Guru, Og Mandino, who stated:

“This is the time. This is the place. I am the man. I will act now!”

Is there really any difference in the perspectives of Aslan (fantasy) and Og Mandino (the real deal)? Aslan’s quote is about “imagination” and the ability to believe in what you are visualizing. Og Mandino’s quote is as real as it can get, as it clearly identifies the challenge of the time and moment that you are living in and what you’re going to do about it. You might also interpret his perspective as being about taking full advantage of your “opportunities”.

So, when you look at your business, career or life, what is it that you see? What limitations are you imposing on yourself? What might it be like if you could exist and function in a world without any limitations? Why do you and the rest of the world believe that Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods are anomalies? You have just as much “potential” as either of them. They simply chose to act on and develop theirs.

In looking back at the summer Olympics, there are many human interest stories, as well as many remarkable individual performances. Personally, I have spent much of my life as both an adolescent and adult in and around the pool. Swimming laps is still a part of my fitness regimen. I have as well journeyed on some of golf’s mini-tours. What I’m attempting to relate to you is that I understand deep down the dedication and discipline that it takes to become a Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods.

With this perspective in mind, I’ve got to share with you just how remarkable the efforts of Dana Torres were at age 41, as she not only “earned” the right to represent the United States at the Olympics in China, but she garnered the respect of every Olympian who was present at the games. While competing in her 5th Olympic games and against younger swimmers who were half her age, she amassed three silver medals, while missing out on “gold” by a mere one/one hundredth (.001) of a second. If this had been the Kentucky Derby or Preakness it would have been classified as a “photo-finish”.

What impressed me most about her performance wasn’t in the pool. It was behind the microphone, during her post event interview. Upon being queried about the experience she had just lived, Dana stated “Don’t put an age limit on your dreams!” These are the words and personification of a true champion. It is our inherent destiny to live our lives unencumbered by limitations of any kind, especially those which are self imposed of our own making.

Deep inside of you is a storehouse of talents, abilities, education and experiences on which you can draw at any time. Everything that you need to succeed in business or life is already inside of you, just like the apple or mustard seed. You already have what you need to succeed; you just need to learn how to harness and then use it to your best advantage and success.

So again I ask... WHY NOT? WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW?

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