A person who blindly relies on astrology in a wrong hand, under the influence of false information, to shape their lives will be very dangerous! If true, it deserves greater study and usage to benefit humanity; if false, it has caused many people to waste time and make wrong decisions. This will getting worst, if a leader of country takes a fake advice by consulting astrologers. The result can destroy millions of people lives. This happened a lot in the ancient time. Even whole countries could be destroyed!

Failed predictions will happen when misunderstand the astrology or false information used. Especially when this mysterious of ancient knowledge go through thousands years. Astrology is ancient, more ancient than most of us realize. There is evidence that our ancestors knew of astrology as far back as 27000 years ago, before the destruction of 90% of the world's flora and fauna at the end of the last ice age 12000 years ago.

The failure of predictions could be have multiple reasons:

- The incomplete or wrong birth information (date and time) given.

- After many years, the chart may be drawn wrongly, or could be wrong interpreted by the non-experiences astrologers / numerologist.

- New planets discover and old planets destroy every day. We might don’t know all the stars or planets that control the destiny. There doesn't seem to be any natural explanation for how the stars could directly affect a child at the point of birth, at a certain time place. And even if planets influence us, how can we be sure that they were named correctly and ascribed with the correct attributes from the correct ancient deity?

- Every people have free will. He has effort to choose one way or make thing change, change destiny. Free will is always the deciding factor in life. In such cases predications based on birth data could interpreted wrong or may be away from observed events. By the way, these not saying that behavior forecasting were the only function of Astrology.

'Yes' and 'no' would both be correct answers. Astrology uncovers tendencies or proclivities for events to happen. A good astrologer would never say it’s 100% certain. They would say an event is very likely to happen, or almost certainly will happen, or that it probably won't happen.

We will explain and show you step by step how to easily use the correct way to understand this mysterious art – horoscope or astrology.

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