The amazing success of the movie entitled “The Secret” was well deserved. It was well crafted and well marketed. More importantly, it provided inspiration and insight to many people that were in need of its message. That core message was, of course, that the Law of Attraction can be used to create success and happiness.

For many people, perhaps even the majority of viewers, now, after the initial excitement of having received its message has receded, people are left wondering why The Secret does not work for them. The many very successful people interviewed in the movie itself proclaimed that it was this Law of Attraction that worked so exceedingly well in their own favor.

Why, then, does The Secret not work for those millions of others in the face of that believable testimony??

The reality is that this Law of Attraction is always working (otherwise it would not be true to call it a Law); and that it does work for everyone all the time. However, awareness of the Law does not translate to having it work the way you desire it to work or in the way that you visualize it should work.

Why then, you may ask, does it not work the way you want it to work, that is to say, in your favor to produce the things you desire to have in your life? How can you make it work as well as it has for those in the movie who proclaimed its wonder? How can you make this Secret work for you?

Here is the simple truth: you are and always have been attracting to you those things that are most like your own personal energetic or vibratory output. The question then becomes “How can you use your understanding of this Law of Attraction to attract those things you idealize and desire for yourself?”

A little study and understanding provides the answers. The Law of Attraction, simply explained, is that like energy is attracted to like energy. It is therefore a simple leap of insight to see that if you wish to attract those things you desire, you must find a way to harmonize your personal energy with the energy of the things you wish to attract.

What that means is that you are constantly already enacting the Law of Attraction by the way that you are being in this world and if you desire to attract different things, then you must find a way to change the way you are being.

In other words, if you want to have more in life, you must find a way to become more. Another very succinct way to define the Law of Attraction is by the simple formula of “Be > Do > Have” which explains that if you wish to Have more (or different), then you must Do more (or different) and in order to Do more, you must first Become more (or different).

The message in the movie The Secret is that you can become more by learning to think differently, by learning to visualize an ideal clearly and distinctly, and by attaching profound passion or desire to that ideal held in mind. Left mostly unsaid is that once you have become more or different in your mind and heart, then you must act to produce the results. It is action that produces results. Wishful thinking does not produce results. Visualizing a thing held or possessed does not produce results unless that visualization inspires you to take action.

Napoleon Hill, famed author of Think and Grow Rich, the book that most self-made millionaires ascribe to their success, once said “Anyone can wish for riches and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan plus a burning desire for wealth are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth.”

It is the application of knowledge that produces results. Now that you know of The Secret, you must learn to apply that knowledge. Application means action or doingness.

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