The mind is an incredibly complex and powerful thing. Even today with all of the technology and understanding that we have, we have barely scratched the surface of the full potential of what the mind can do. Regardless of how it works or what it can do, there have been people for centuries teaching us how to tap into the minds power in order to realize happiness and joy in our lives as well as live up to our full potential. Many of them have taught the power of visualization and hopefully a little understanding of how visualization works will help you tap into the resevoir of power that lies deep inside of you.

The ability to visualize your success or the things you want is in direct alignment with your getting that success or those things. The law of attraction states that you must be able to see in your minds eye what it is you want as well as feel the feelings of having those things in order to attract opportunities to you that will allow you to have those things. So why does visualization work? What is it about learning to visualize that makes it so important and valuable? It's simply a matter of how the mind works and translates information.

You see, when you look at something, a center of your brain called the visual cortex fires. It takes the different spectrum of light and translates it into a picture that we are able to understand. Here is the interesting part though. When you take the time to visualize something, your mind uses the exact same centers to see those pictures in your minds eye. To you brain, there is no difference between what your eyes are seeing out there, and what your mind is seeing in here. Your mind and your body take both of those pictures and label them as the same thing. This is very useful for you because you can begin to use your visualization to convince your mind and body that everything you want is already a part of your life. This begins to put your body and mind into alignment with having that thing you want.

So if your mind is unable to tell the difference between a daydream in your head, and a book that sits on your desk and is viewed by your eyes, then you can begin to use your visualization to attract the things you want. As you begin to do this, your body and emotions begin to vibrate at a level that allow you to feel the feelings of having what it is you want. This vibration goes out into the universe, and the universe begins to line things up in order for that visualization to become a reality. The universe must respond to that vibration, and it will, and it will begin to deliver things that will allow you to maintain that vibration. Isn't the mind an amazing thing?

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