The Law of Attraction and The Art of Being - Have you ever written your “to be “ list instead of your “to do” list. What and who do you want to be?

I learnt about the Law Attraction in 1985 and very thank fully soon after, I was given the opportunity to start teaching the concepts. In 1991 I learnt about “Treasure Maps” now referred to as Vision Boards and by combining the two techniques of having a Visual goal and applying the law of attraction principles, my biggest dreams came true in 1994
and then the whole “treasure trove” of bigger and better dreams just kept flowing.

In 2005 I updated a section of a course I had been teaching in the early 1990’s and released it as Vision boards - “Treasure Mapping your way to Success” - teaching the law of attraction using the Vision board process as the first step in attraction.

The core principle is that the Vision board becomes a magnet for you and as you practice the basic and then the advanced mind skills, you begin start to resonate and reverberate at a different frequency, sending a strong signal out into the universe.

During these practices something happens in your brain and as you focus more on what you want the reticular activating system in the brain (the part that acts like a spam filter) starts to seek out and allow in to your awareness “vibrational matches” and that’s when you begin to notice and see things you may have previously missed, ignored or for some, been oblivious to.

The law of synchronicity “kicks in” and you experience “meaningful co -incidences.” Opportunities appear, things start “falling into place.”

All these cliches start to become very real and have a deeper meaning as you experience them in reality and no longer in the imagination.

Until recently I just accepted that once you become the person who naturally resonates these things then reality flips and people start to live their dreams.

I never quite understood the mechanics of the believe step. I heard people flippantly say “just believe” when you believe it, “truly believe it”. Well how do you really believe something that you are trying to manifest, that you are visualizing and affirming to your self over and over and over and over again, especially when it doesn’t come as quickly as you expect?

It’s in the “Art of Being”. Recently, I heard a speaker say “stop attracting and start being”.

I kept hearing about the art of being, in fact, the life coaching process I share with my clients is about be-ing.

Who you are at your core dictates what you do, what you attract and therefore how you are in the world. It all stems form the core, your deepest beliefs. And there is that word again belief!

Our basic core energy, our resonance is made up of a whole lot of beliefs which statistics say are not even conscious. So how do we transform ourselves from the core?

“Be - live” in the moment. Live the event be LIVE, be present! Be alive in each daily moment truly living your life not off in some day dream, not in denial about what you have and don’t have, not dreaming about something else but living in your life and appreciating all you have. You will find new levels of enthusiasm for what you want to accomplish.

How do you change your beliefs and what you attract to you?

When you visualize the life you want, then “be - live” in that visualization have every cell in your body resonate and be in that moment. When you do this you are sending out a strong core essence - be-ing the dream, living the dream, for a powerful 5 -10 minutes daily. Looking at your Vision Board a picture of the goal, the end result you want, will help you get into the believing - ”be-live in your dream” .

I remember Zig Ziglar saying “Be where you are”... and on stage, demonstrating how stressful and exhausting its is when your body is at work but you mind is at home, and vice versa.

Be here now! Notice what you want in every moment. Become aware of how you react to situations in your life, how “present” you are and whether your thoughts are focused on opportunities, problems or daydreams. The more you stay present the more personal power you have and the better choices you make.

When you take time to look at your vision board and visualize you are present “living in that moment”, the stronger is the vibration that you are emitting and the more attraction power it has. The more you believe in that moment - by being alive in the moment - the faster you will attract.

“You will see it when you believe it” - Wayne Dyer

Have fun and enjoy each moment.
© 2008 Barbara Pellegrino - All Rights Reserved.

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From the reefs of Australia to the rainbows of Hawaii Barbara is a renowned speaker, trainer, author and success coach. She presents her workshop, Vision boards and the Law of attraction in Action, in Hawaii. Mainland USA and Internationally. She is renowned for teaching people HOW to make their dreams come true using, Practical, Powerful, Proven techniques for rapid and successful manifesting.