Want to be attractive to wealth and abundance? Stop acting like a pauper. You can afford to repel.

When you stand in who you are without apology, you will REPEL people. You will scare them off! This is wonderful. The more you clear out the people who don't like or understand or appreciate you and your products, the EASIER it is for your fans to find you. If you aren't repelling anyone, you're not doing your job!

You'll never please people who are not "your people," but you can divert your energy and your self respect by trying to make everybody your friend or customer. Cut them loose. Instead of trying to persuade people who don't want to be persuaded, embrace scaring them off.

They aren't your customers and they aren't your friends. Self respect is very attractive to good health, wealth, and love.

Your naysayers may come around on their own. Focus on your fans.

I've noticed the more "professional" I try to sound, the more invisible I become. I sound like everybody else. I disappear. My conversation partner's eyes glaze over then dash around for something of more interest.

As soon as I let loose and say something outrageous like "I'm the Money Magic Queen," people wake up. "Really?" they ask. "What's that?" I end up with more relationship and credibility than if I'd just stuck to the usual credentials (author, trainer, international speaker, certified coach, blah blah blah).

The more authentic you are, the more visible you'll be to your people, just like the full moon coming out from the shadow of the eclipse.

Yes, it's scary. Many people will tell you that you can't afford to lose the snakes! It takes a leap of faith to trust in the attractiveness of who you are when you're not pleasing others. This trust in yourself is very attractive to money.

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Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker, and regarded as the world's top Relationship with Money coach. Morgana guides entrepreneurs to attract more than they chase, market creatively and inexpensively, and RADICALLY change their relationship with Money!

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