We have all been conned into believing that soy is healthy! The fact of the matter is, soy products are creating more health problems, not preventing them, including obesity.

This can be a challenge because soy is in so many products where we would not expect it. It is in canned tuna, canned soups, chocolate, pizza, frozen dinners, most bread, muffins, donuts, cake mixes, hot chocolate, some baby foods, and thousands of other popular products. Soy has many aliases so beware.

Food processors do not always list soy instead to name a few, you see labels with textured vegetable protein (TVP), textured plant protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), vegetable oil or MSG (monosodium glutamate). Other ingredients to watch out for are lecithin, vegetable broth, bouillon, and natural flavorings (unless flavors are listed). In the beginning, this was the most frustrating for me because soy is hidden - you have to know what to look for.

Keep in mind that food labels and ingredient lists change so always read them. Manufacturers can switch the ingredients used in food products without warning. Allergic consumers like myself, need to check the labels every time I make a purchase. When I go to restaurants (which is very rare) I carry a card with ingredients listed that I cannot have. If you buy packaged deli items make sure you read the labels. If you buy from deli counters where they slice it for you, if you are allergic like me, you need to make sure there is no cross contamination from other meats using the same slicer for everything. I can buy Boars Head, but only if the supermarket carries that brand only. Otherwise, I cannot buy it at all.

Believe it or not...

Vitamins, over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions may contain an unwanted dose of soy. Beware of pills with soy oil bases; Vitamin E derived from soy oil, and soy components such as isoflavones. The inhaler Atrovent is one Rx products that contain soy. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on supplements, eating the right foods will supply you with the nutrition you need.

I was surprised to learn that soy is found in...
Soy inks, paints, plastics, carpets, mattresses, cars, etc. are just a few of the industrial products that may be green for the environment but deadly for highly allergic persons. So far, I have been lucky and have not had any reactions.

Learn more and live healthier. I am living proof! I lost 40 pounds within eight months and never gained it back, just by removing one ingredient, soy!

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Dianne Gregg, author of "Hidden Dangers of Soy" decided to write this book after developing a severe allergy to soy and nearly dying. She has done extensive research on this subject and wanted to share this crucial information to protect your health. The fact of the matter is that soy is not the "health food" it's cracked up to be.

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