We all have dreams of making heaps of money in network marketing. Who doesn't? Most of us are

fascinated by THE BIG CHECK.

How likely are you to make the big check when you first start out in network marketing? Well,

unless you're a raving maniac who can't stop prospecting everyone you bump into (literally),

not too likely.

But just because you're not going to start making the big check right away, don't lose hope.

In fact, knowing that you're not going to make a big check right away should make you feel

downright happy!

Why? Because of the power of THE LITTLE CHECK. Yeah, the little check. You know, $200-$500 a

month. No, it's not millions, but there is power in the little check.

Network marketing genius Tom ("Big Al") Schreiter tells of a man in his group who earned a

measly $300 a month. No big deal, except the guy used his little check to prepay his mortgage

and eventually leveraged it into a significant nest egg.

In other words, stop thinking the way most network marketing newbies think. Don't think about

becoming a millionaire, think about becoming a 'hundredaire' or a 'thousandaire.' Think small

and the task of becoming successful in networking marketing won't seem so difficult to


Does it take an absolute genius or a raving maniac to make a million in the first year in

network marketing? Maybe. But anybody (that means you) can make the little check … and the

power of the little check can surprise you. Who knows? You can start by paying off your car

loan, then move onto your mortgage and then the sky is the limit!

Whether you're new to network marketing or just haven't reached your goals quite yet, fall in

love with every little check that you get in the mail. Finally, ask yourself this question,

"Would I rather make one or two people in my group very wealthy or help hundreds of people be

better off with lots of little checks?" That's pretty simple to answer, right? Definitely.

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Stephanie Yeh and her business partner, Leta Worthington, are the Pajama Mamas, XanGo independent distributors and founders of No Brainer Networking, the network marketing site for people who hate to network (and want to earn a profit in their pajamas!). The Pajama Mamas have over 2 decades of success in networking marketing. Learn more and access free home-based business resources at www.nobrainernetworking.com/visit/.