The Radical Sabbatical is a great exploration of our unique truth and destiny through world wide travel. The journey expands wisdom and authenticity about our purpose, our relationships and the "awe" of our true nature by exploring and experiencing diversity in landscape, people and cultural practices. People who take such a Sabbatical are on a quest for a significant life change with greater meaning. They return home with their own personal autonomy, authenticity and sense of adventure along with many more new friends of like minds.

We are challenged with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms resulting from the stress of long work hours, the anxiety of finances, the panic of long to do lists, the blogs, clogs and congestion all around us. Not often do we examine the choices we are making on a day to day basis or notice the contrast or resistance as it relates to our happiness. Our minds are on automatic; once creative and open are operating sometimes unconsciously to our own happiness, as responsive or reactive as provoked and required.

Rarely are we in character of our true nature - full of creativity, courage, adventure, curiosity, playfulness and fun. We catch glimpses of this when we are out of our element, on vacation, away from it all. The Radical Sabbatical is an culturally, ecologically and spiritually rich journey where a person returns with new insights and supporting practices that create all the abundance we dream of in our life and relationships. As we travel green we also cleanse the mind through meditation.

The program was developed and is supported by a veteran life leadership mentor and founder Lynn Gardner, M.A.A.H.A, is described by her clients as having compassionate acceptance of where people are and seeing the beauty of all that is through travel around the world landscapes. She empowers clients to address fears, build confidence and trust that it a joyfully purposeful life simply lies in changing the mind as in a Norman Peale quote "Change your thoughts and you change your world." The practice to changing the mond is meditation.

The journey includes an “intensive” program of restfulness, stillness, yoga and meditative practices that access greater balance, clarity, creativity, courage, gratitude, understanding and fearlessness that initiates a discovery of the answers we are seeking to our “perpetual” life question while restoring personal truth and purpose to life.

In June 2008, a group of 10 people radically stepped out of their paradigm and went on Radical Sabbatical to the Galapagos Islands, a natural wonder of evolution in the midst of the Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The exploration of the volcanic islands in transformation and the animals in all their evolutionary glory enhanced their own truth about the value of evolution in their own life. The next trip in October 2008 is back to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Peru, South America which includes an optional extension to magical and mystical Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. This trip includes a local Quechan guide, Raja Yoga (meditation) and Vinyasa Yoga designed to be an experience of a life time in this special spiritual vortex of the world. Lynn Gardner, founder of the Radical Sabbatical explains, “it is a place of great power and magic. The clean, crisp high altitude of the Andes, the energies that come from the land itself, the warm indigenous people, and the incredible mysteries left by the Incas combine to change the visitor’s perspective forever. The Radical Sabbatical Peru group of 22 people who went in June 2007 was a rich inward spiritual journey with an outbound cultural adventure”.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Gardner is principle and founder of the Radical Sabbatical and Soul Sabbatical both are dedicated to the fine art of meditation, relaxation and concentration; proven to heighten organizations and individuals to become more creative, powerful, effective and fulfilled in all areas of life. Lynn earned a Master of Arts of Applied Healing Arts from the Tai Sophia Institute, Laurel, Maryland. She created the Radical Sabbatical, a three month program mentoring clients through personal and professional transitions utilizing meditation and travel as the venue for self-discovery. The Soul Sabbatical program facilitates various meditation practices for groups and individuals. and develops meditations that are individualized to the client or group objectives. Both the Radical and Soul Sabbaticals are designed to be a catalyst for empowering the individual and group to discover the answers to their “perpetual” question while restoring them back to their authentic self with a clarity of their Divine Purpose.