Transformed (wo)man can now FLI…on his/her own!... or Engendering FLI (The Feel like It) factor @ work.

Billions are spent annually on skills training in South Africa and 80% of it is wasted. Typically around 1%-3% of annual salary budgets are apparently invested in people development, and ...Transformed (wo)man can now FLI…on his/her own!... or Engendering FLI (The Feel like It) factor @ work.

Billions are spent annually on skills training in South Africa and 80% of it is wasted. Typically around 1%-3% of annual salary budgets are apparently invested in people development, and research reveals that the reality is that on average ONLY about 10%-12% of this skills training is applied back at the workplace. So what’s the problem?

The real problem isn’t the person’s skill set or tools they’ve got at their office. The REAL problem is in their YOU-niverse and the tools they need to manage their INNERGY, moods, actions and results. Moods direct everything.

Frequently people know what to do, but don’t do what they know… because they don’t FEEL LIKE IT. So much training time and money is wasted on people who don’t or can’t FLI! – Feel like it.

Just like computers, people also have programmes installed (Warmware) by life’s’ encounters, teachers, peers, reading etc. Some mental programmes are valid and support present day results and some are completely outdated, restrictive or harmful.

Many times people also have “Thought-Viruses” that prevent them from performing at their potential. These are invisible to the person, unless they are AWAKE and AWARE enough. This state also affects your teams.

The real challenge is that people / Teams have not been equipped with “Warmware Anti-Virus” to ensure optimal performance and continue to be stuck.

This is the reason we have such high levels of learned helplessness and unconsciousness/ Low Awareness (also known as “Low Resilience” or No Adversity Intelligence/AQ). Low resilience, coupled with low awareness and unsupportive attitudes and innergy levels, can and often does negate ALL skills training.

To perform optimally, necessitates a personal transformation on 4 primary levels. These are the 4 main areas that need to be addressed before SKILLS training is implemented. The SOFT stuff is REALLY the HARD Stuff!

1. Energy Management / Innergy

– Intelligently managing and directing personal energy. People have been maximized for so long and they are also leaking their innergy out into non-productive issues. They just don’t have sufficient energy to perform at their peak on a sustainable basis. The best plane with no FUEL/energy is going nowhere!

2. Awareness

– You-niversal understanding if their own innergy programmes and how everything operates to enable Self Management. Unawareness is the cause of a majority of our challenges because it covers up limiting beliefs, negative programming and thought viruses and contaminates attitudes.

3. Resilience & Attitudes
– So many people are going through the motions with no enthusiasm – They’ve internally “given up” trying to FLI. Resilience is CORE to results. Attitude controls altitude, and if you really expect your people and teams to FEEL LIKE IT, they need assistance with their ANGLE OF ATTACK. People have a completely erroneous attitude to life, work, challenges, self, leaders & Managers.

4. Destiny & Destination
- This is the Where and WHY factor that fuels and drives the FLI factor. Where am I going and Why am I doing this? Why are WE doing this? What the real meaning or significance in my life with this. Am I Adding value? Are we valued and adding value?

Unless there is an awakening and personal transformation or rejuvenation of thinking, feeling and acting, an authentic upgrading of our mental software, (warmware), people will continue to be habitually driven by the same limiting beliefs, negative attitudes and low expectations.

Skills Training will continue to be wasted; and the workplace will continue to be dreary, boring, frustrating and bland. You must address the issues below the red line with an Appreciative Enquiry Transformation process before you focus on the above the red line challenges. Otherwise it’s all wasted effort.

IF you really care for your people and teams, and you want them to FLI, It’s time for transformation…on a Head, Heart & Soul basis. More than 80%-90% of results are directly influenced by the Heart, Resilience/AQ, & EQ - Free report @ south african site

Author's Bio: 

Tony Dovale is a modern day Alchemist and Catalyst for personal consciousness and transformation. He is a professional speaker, facilitator, workshop leader life coach and true team-builder.

Tony has dedicated the last 30+ years of his journey to exploring, discovering & designing the most effective personal development & Transformation technologies.

Tony engages and grows people and companies by focusing on awareness, consciousness, self-mastery, teamwork and higher ground leadership.

Tony delivers talks, presentations, workshops and coaching on Personal-Mastery, Human Consciousness Levels, Resilience, Energetics, Inner Landscapes, Warmware, Leadership and Life Management.

Tony is a specialist in the field of understanding, unleashing and engaging human potential.

His high-voltage presentations are paradigm-shifting, cage-rattling, reality challenging, humorous, entertaining and informative, whilst touching at the very core of our way of Being.

Tony engages, awakens and challenges his audiences with profound wisdom, gained from extensive research, study and hands on personal transformation and development.

His refreshing, unique, captivating and life changing presentations are jam packed with real-world know how, equipping his audience with tried and tested tips, tools and techniques ready for immediate application.

His purpose and passion, is coaching and facilitating people on an accelerated path towards discovering real meaning, consciousness, freedom and true personal significance in a world of constant challenge and change.

Tony is the Chief Energy Officer of Life Masters International.

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