The internet is full of quick solutions to any problem you mention. And you probably know by now, that they do not work as promised. Why, you may ask ? Is it because they are not true, spoofed and hyped chats? Most of them, may be, but there is more and more quality content and tips worth noticing there. So, why they are not working? Providing of course that you are implementing them, right? My answer is simple, I believe that these, so called surefire tips and ways are not working, because they do not address the core issue of our human existence, they only touch the surface, show a tip of an iceberg and even if you try hard to implement them it makes a little or no difference to your overall well-being.

Going to courses, lectures and events hosting great speakers, coaches and mentors can be very useful and profitable only under a condition that you are already well off and on your way. Sure, they can inspire you, make you think about a change but there is a big gap between thinking about something and actually doing it, you simply find yourself paralyzed when it comes to act upon the premises you were taught.

Why is it that way? Well, first you must understand that the great mentors and gurus of the Internet are by far a way ahead of you and thus, what seems to them a piece of cake is an unimaginable jump for you. There is unbridgeable gap of experience and even if, by some chance, you get the courage to jump, you may find yourself sinking as soon as you touch the surface of the water, right? And are they there to give you a hand, rarely so, because they even did not know you were following their guidance.

So what conclusion am I driving to? Shall we shot down it all together, or is there any way to handle it with care? Well, frankly, the only solution I see here, is to get in touch with the core issue first, work on the essentials, discover the meaning of your life, get grounded in it to stand firmly on your feet, and then you will be are well off to put your head over the clouds and follow the great ideas of yours. Get into the core issue first!

I have worked long enough in the area of self transformation and growth to know that there are no quick solutions and easy steps there. When you set off on a journey (let say a new biz or venture) with all the burden on your shoulders, you will rather sooner than later find yourself overwhelmed with all of it and as some new issues arise, they will build on your collected, unresolved problems of the past.

The eastern tradition as well as the western one in this respect, teach us to prepare first, to seat down, calm our thoughts and clear our minds and hearts of all the past issues and burdens. Get clarity of personal existence. Become conscious of your real self. Get to know who you are, what is your purpose in life, what is life all about and where are you really in it?

I know, easier said than done, especially as it takes time and perseverance to get yourself really prepared and ready to set off on whatever awaits. For instance, my system of Integral Education, which teaches you only the things you need to know, takes barely three years of intensive learning and practicing the basic skills to get yourself ready for the game of life. But more and more people do not have that years to spare, they want some quick solutions to their burning problems. So what can we do to start up the process? Is there any advice that would not fall into the ditch of hype nonsense we have discarded above.

I have already stated my advice in the article The Essence of Love -Revealed, so if you feel like you need to know, go to and indulge yourself in Love. Do not be afraid though, you will not find there any hype or ideology. There is only a sound teaching on the essence of personal existence and its liberating power.

Julius Verne's wrote final note in Captain Nemo - Nemo regere meum vitum - which translates both Nemo rules my life or No one rules my life.

Pretty cool, but frankly, which one is true to you? Who really rules your life? Is it No-one or some hidden Nemo who controls you from behind the scene?

Many years ago I decided that neither of them will be true to me, instead, I coined my own motto Amor Regere Meum Vitum - which translates Love rules my Life. And I am faithful to this and will never compromise this rule. You may already well know why, right? It does not pay off! I already know for sure that personal integrity is the key to human life, especially when you set off to live a life of Love&Joy,…. and what better ideal can you come up with?

I myself, would not dare...would you...?

Love&Joy to You!!!

Artur Rybowicz

Author's Bio: 

Artur Rybowicz is a creator of The Integral Education System of Personal Development. His 2008 Project is The Social Passion Revolution, a social movement whose members are given a free access to practical realization of their passion and all help needed to activate one's personal transformation process through this engagement. His newest 2009 Project is iLearningMobileAcademy,The First Multi-Network Learning Community, providing its members with expert coaching and sound teaching webinars in nearly forty topic guided departments (semi-independent fully interactive networks). More Information: and Expert Page