Do you remember that little toy many of us had when we were little that supposedly “answered” questions? It was a black eight ball like one you would play pool with that had a window in it that, when turned upside down, would display a floating unit inside with pre-scripted answers to your questions. What is funny about this is that there was a remote chance that the answers could be reasonably close to a possible answer!

This got me to thinking: Are there a set group of answers you could find most of the answers to life’s situations in? I think we could come close, so I sat down and thought about all of the issues that I deal with in people’s lives and realized that most answers do come from the same pool of answers.

Why is this? Because there is nothing new under the sun and the problems of the human existence tend to repeat themselves.

So here are MY answers. See if one of them won’t do the trick for your question, problem, or situation.

You Need Clearer Vision.

Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that our vision isn’t clear enough. We “kind of” know where we are going and that means we “kind of” get there! By getting our vision clearer, we are able to refine our path, which brings us the results we are looking for on our journey.

Question: Do you need to clear up your vision before you move on?

Stop Whining – Life Isn’t Fair.

Yes, some people have it better than others. Sometimes that is just the way it is. But to get our minds on that fact is useless, and to constantly lament the fact that an office mate “gets all the breaks” is simply whining. It is time to get over it and quit focusing in on your differences and start focusing in on creating the life that you want, because you can live the life you dream of if you redirect your whining energy into success energy!

Question: Are you spending more energy whining or working on your success plan?

Persevere and Give It Time.

Sometimes it is hard, that is true. Sometimes we just need to go one more day. I have had this happen in my life many times. There have been times in my life when my whole goal was to get through another week. Plug away, push through, and persevere. Give it time and you will find yourself making ground toward your desired destination.

Question: Is this a time when you simply need to keep persevering and giving your situation time to work itself out?

Increase Your Skills.

There are times we don’t get what we want because we just don’t have the skills. That is the bad news. The good news is that we can always increase our skills! Sometimes we find ourselves in a spot where the proper thing to do is to readdress our skill level so the next time we take a stab at it we can succeed because of our increased skill level.

Question: Is it time to refocus on increasing your skills?

Forgive Them and Move On.

People will burn you. I have had countless people burn me in my life. It happens. Sometimes we even burn other people, even when we aren’t trying to. The key to success is to forgive them and move on. Unforgiveness will root you in your undesired past through your memory and that is not where you want to live the rest of your life! When you forgive those who burn you, you set yourself free.

Question: Whom do you need to forgive?

Time for An Attitude Adjustment!

It has been said that “Your attitude determines your altitude” and it is true! Sometimes we do not achieve what we want to because our attitude stinks. And a stinky attitude affects a lot of what happens to us including how others treat us. Sometimes we have to take a long look in the mirror and realize that we need to see a change in our attitude.

Question: Is your attitude the element that is holding you back?

When all else is said and done, at least you have a great family.

Many times we get caught up in things that just really don’t matter. Much of what we consider to be “so important” just isn’t. The most important thing we can do is lead a healthy family life and raise our children to become great people themselves! If you can rest in this, my friend, you can truly rest.

Question: Are you valuing your family as you should?
You need to take a break and gets some rest.

All work and no play makes Johnny and Suzie a dull boy and girl! Sometimes when I am dealing with people and helping them to sort things out, I simply tell them to walk away for a while. They need a break. They need a rest. Time away will make them stronger for the battle when they re-enter the arena.

Question: Is it time for you to take a break?

What do you think? Is there an answer for you in the above statements? I think if we are honest with ourselves, almost all of life’s situations could be answered by one of the above! So, the next time you need a little advice, read the article again and see if you don’t find the answer!

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