Men who have left their mark upon the world have been men of great and prompt decision. The achievements of will power are almost beyond measure. Scarcely anything seems impossible to the man who can will strongly enough and long enough. There is always room for a man of force. One talent with a will behind it will accomplish more than ten without it, as a thimbleful of gunpowder in a rifle will do greater execution than a barrel of it burned in open air. It is possible to classify successes and failures by their various degrees of will power.

The man who is forever hesitating, backing, splitting hairs over non-essentials, listening to every new motive which presents itself, will never accomplish anything. But the positive man, the decided man is a power in the world and stands for something. You can measure him, and estimate the work that his energy will accomplish. The best men are not those who have waited for chances, but who have taken them, and made chance the servitor. It is better to act and apologize later than to seek permission first. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.

The secret of so many failures among those who started out with high hopes, is that they lacked will power. They could not half will: and what is a man without a will? He is like an engine without steam. Genius unexecuted is no more genius than an unlit lamp is a light in the world. The persistent man never stops to consider whether he is succeeding or not. The only question with him is how to push ahead, to get a little farther along, a little nearer his goal. Whether it lead over mountains, rivers, or morasses, he must reach it. Every other consideration is sacrificed to this one dominant purpose.

Genius is often Perseverance in disguise. No amount of genius ever had effect on this earth, except when being enforced with the will power to overcome all obstacles that presented themselves to every one who would rise above the circumstances in which he was born, or who would become greater than his fate. Tenacity of purpose never changes through ups and downs and turn of events or change of relations but overcomes all opposition only to arrive at its destination. This is the sign of a sovereign mind.

Will, perseverance, persistence, determination, diligence, concentration, focus, consistency of intention and tenacity of purpose are all one. Will puts genius in motion. The hand of the diligent shall bear rule. A man who is diligent in his business shall stand before kings. He shall not stand before mean men. Don’t do more than other people. They do all their work three times over. Once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in rumination. Do yours in actuality alone, doing it once instead of three times.

When your desire becomes a declared resolve, the avenues will open to that end. Your desire and resolve creates an atmosphere which attracts the forces necessary to the attainment of the purpose. Many man have testified that as long as they were hoping, striving and longing, mountains of difficulty arose before them. But when they fashioned their hopes into fixed purposes, aid came unsought to help them on the way. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

The man that feels unstoppable is very difficult to stop. If two fighters are throwing the same punch at the same time it is the fighter that throws the punch with the most confidence that will land with effectiveness, and may not even be fazed by the opposition. Be determined to conquer every weakness you have, physical, mental, and moral. Great success comes from great self-discipline and self-mastery. It is equal to genius itself.

It does not matter how clever a youth may be, whether he leads his class in college or outshines all the other boys in his community, he will never succeed if he lacks this essential of determined persistence. Many men who might have made brilliant musicians, artists, teachers, lawyers, able physicians or surgeons, in spite of predictions to the contrary, have fallen short of success because deficient in this quality. The success of a dull or average youth and the failure of a brilliant one is a constant surprise in history. The reason for success lies in the staying power of the seemingly dull boy, the ability to stand firm as a rock under all circumstances, to allow nothing to divert him from his purpose. It is continuity of purpose alone that achieves results.

Persistency of purpose is power. It creates confidence in others. Everybody believes in the determined man. When he undertakes anything his battle is half won, because not only he himself, but every one who knows him, believes that he will accomplish whatever he sets out to do. People know that it is useless to oppose a man who uses his stumbling-blocks as stepping-stones, who is not afraid of defeat, who never, in spite of slander or criticism, shrinks from his task, who never shirks responsibility, who always keeps his compass pointed to the north star of his purpose, no matter what storms may rage about him.

Genius is nothing without strong resolution and persistent action to achieve your biggest dreams in life. A good chance alone or an encouraging start is nothing without dedication. A man who cannot stand firm, but wavers first one way and then the other, and has no commitment to his decision, or courage to pursue his own vision, such a person can accomplish very little in this world. It is will, perseverance and courage that rule the world.

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