How do you spell "Life?"

Answer: Dry Corn Flakes.

Sometimes life is like that, isn't it? Not that it is terrible or even terrific.

It's just goin' -- and that's the point!

I really don't know what you call these times. Maybe you could call them "dry cereal days."

True confession: I'm not an expert in getting through these "in between" days. But like you, I try to make it!

Here are some things we can try together!


Glasses? Did you say, "Glasses?" Sure. But I don't mean the glasses *outside* of your head. I mean the glasses *inside* your head.

My wife has said so many times, "This too shall pass!" And most of the time it is true.

For most of us the "dry times" will pass. They won't last forever. And seeing that can help. Just the simple realization ... or even affirmation ... that "This too shall pass!" can help us take one more step in the right direction.

Perspective. So much of life involves perspective. Having this perspective during these times can help.

But it also helps to ...


During dry times I tend not to produce as much as I would like to -- or even what I am capable of. My guess is you don't either.

I think we have two choices during this "phase." We can becone frustrated. That's one choice.

Or, we can "adjust and accept." It is almost like giving myself permission to not be king of the hill for a bit! I say: "Lee, it is okay to run slower and not quite as well for a while! It really is okay. You are not hurting anyone or your job. You're just not flyin' high at the moment."

And the key word here is ... "accept." You decide to accept this for the moment. Not forever. But for the moment.


I also try to create diversions. Let me give you an example. If this dry cereal experience is taking place at work, I try to create within my job structure things I like to do.

Personally, I look for the simple things. I ask, "What is something I could do now that I would enjoy? What will 'fit in' my work day that will cause me to be creative in some small way?"

The four principles are:

1. Short!
2. Simple!
3. Enjoy!
4. Fit in! (i.e. I can work it in my schedule)

The idea: I break the "blah" time with a fun or meaningful activity. I *create* in a segment of my life a place of refreshment. A place to enjoy. A place that breaks the "dry cereal mode."

I can do this at home or work -- or wherever!


This is important for Lee. I can tend to get "down" on myself in the middle of these times. "Ah, Lee, look at what so-and-so is doing. How come you're like this and not like him?"

I have to remind myself to "think truth." No, I'm not doing the best I am capable of but I'm still a part of the team! None of us can play 100% all of the time. Some days are just bad games in the season of life!

Take stock of the things you are doing well. What areas are you contributing value to your organization or to your family? Think truthfully!


Stick with it. "Being there" does carry with it its own reward. I know when I have "pushed through" and not allowed the "blah day" to dominate how I feel about myself and how I perform.

I know it.

And, frankly, I like it when I can affirm that truth!


Like I said: I'm no expert, but I do try.

Want to know something?

I kinda did what I was talking about by writing this article. The last couple of days have been "blah" days for me. Taxes. Ugh!

I said, "I'm takin' a break!" I did. It helped.

I hope my break helps you!

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Lee is a Seminary administrator, has a part-time home business,
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