"Without women, what good would money be?"

That's a quote from Aristotle Onassis. Of course, as a male, I would subscribe to that. I'm not expecting every woman to subscribe to it, though. And I'm not really talking sexist stuff here.

What I mean is that we don't work for the money, and that's what Onassis is saying. We don't work for the money—we work for the things that money brings, that money allows us to do, that money allows us to have, that money allows us to do for others.

We work to make a contribution. We work for our families—we work to go take them on vacations, to provide for their security. We work to make a difference. We work to provide for charities.

You’d really be surprised how many people I talk to who really have as their highest goal to benefit a specific a charity. Like mini Jerry Lewis’s. How many people do you know who say they want to do something worthy for a charity? But how many people do you know who are speakers, authors, experts and gurus, who are actually doing something for a charity?

You see, there's a big difference between not having the resources—that is, money—and having the resources. Like these rock groups that do a benefit concert. They have power. They're contributing. Now, if they were working only for the money, would they give all the money away to the charity?

No, of course they wouldn't. If they were working only for the money, it would be a narcissistic world. We don't work for money.

Especially fiat money, meaning paper money that could potentially have no value at some future point, as has happened with currency after currency after currency. All they do is change the laws and poof!, one government goes and poof! your money's gone.

No, you're working for the things that money can bring—you're not working for stacks of bills. You may feel secure with money in the bank…so you're working for security. You may feel secure knowing that you've got investments that you can count on, or a program that's compounding—that money will be there in your golden years. You're working for that security.

You may be very pleased that you can provide your family with the things that, maybe, you never had when you were growing up. You're working for your family.

I'll close this the way I opened it. We don't work for money, we work for a whole lot more than than. "Without women, what good would money be?"

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