It's probably not what you're after at all (and you

think it is).

When you're clear on WHY, and HOW MUCH,

getting money can be easier, and much more fun.

Focus on the REASON for money! What lifestyle do you want?

How much is enough?

Suppose you got clear today that your ultimate lifestyle would

be to sail around the world - visiting exotic ports. Would you

work 20-30 years to make that a reality? What about having it

right now, and skipping the 20-30 years of work? Would it be

smarter to quit your job and get a job on a luxury yacht traveling

the world? Is money as necessary as we were told growing up?

Have you fallen for the Trap?

We're trained and conditioned that making money and accumulating

wealth is the game. Many backpackers have learned a different one.

It is possible to live for NOW - enjoying everything there is to enjoy

now, rather than in the future. But what about the future you ask????!!

Well....tomorrow never comes. You're always here.

The trap to watch is "saving hard"; working hard for a lifestyle that

you could have RIGHT NOW if you chose! I realised that what I

would do if I had a lot of money, is to live in New York for six months

of each year, and on Sydney Harbour the rest of the year - Summer all

year round! When I realized I don't have to wait for this, I can have it

right now, I stopped thinking "someday my life will be complete".

So write down your ideal lifestyle - the one you're working so hard for.

The one you would have if you won the lottery next week. If you didn't

do it when you read last month's issue - 'Design your Perfect Lifestyle',

you can still view or download the Perfect Lifestyle program at

Do you already have these things now? If YES - then you have

NOTHING to do! Your life is perfect - start realising it!

Can you have these right now? If YES - then it's time to have them.

No waiting. Live for now!

If NO, then what's standing in the way? If you need more money,

then follow this process:

a) write down the reason you need more money

b) how much is needed for that and by when (the numbers)?

c) how will I get there (income - expenses = savings).

Decrease expenses game? Increase income game?


Get clear on your ultimate lifestyle or goal. See if you can have

it without money, and right now! If money really is necessary,

get clear on HOW MUCH is needed. Only THEN, once clear on

WHY and HOW MUCH, are you in a position to get that money,

and to enjoy getting it!

"Beware sacrificing everything now, for a future that is unclear,

may not make you happy anyway, and which you make not even live to see!"

Author's Bio: 

David Wood is a personal coach, and a Director of CoachCampus - an online coach training company. He asks people “What do you want?? and “What are you doing about it??

He coaches individuals in several countries via e-mail and telephone, and speaks to organisations on topics such as 'Create A Life You Love'.

David specializes in helping women get what they want and deserve from their relationship, and helping new coaches get started in the career of life coaching.

Professional Affiliations: International Coach Federation, National Speakers Association of Australia, Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

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