One of the keys to increasing your prospect sign up rate in network marketing is establishing both a solid and creative pre-selling system.

Once you attract targeted leads into your business funnel, the journey to take them from "dipping their toe" in a work at home opportunity to going all the way to joining your business starts. Just attracting a prospect is not enough.

This is the time many sabotage any chance of impressing their prospect enough to continue to receive information from them because of one fatal mistake; they hit them straight up with a "join me now or you'll regret it" barrage which is just a warning sign for the prospect to say "no thanks" and move on.

What's wrong with this scenario?

No pre-selling. Where's the incentive for the prospect to join your opportunity? What indication have you given them that you are just the right fit for their long range financial freedom plans.

Notice how we said you. Yes, prospects join you when they come into your downline, not the company or the company opportunity. It's merely the vehicle to get them from point A to point B but you are the most important piece of this work at home puzzle to a brand new prospect.

How they perceive you within the first couple of minutes of first contact will determine strongly whether they want to pursue an opportunity any further.

Create A Pre-Selling Plan

We spoke about a solid and creative pre-selling plan above. Both are important. Solid meaning you plug them into a training and information based system from the moment they enter your funnel.

Creative being what you provide them in the way of value. At no stage during this courting period do you even mention a network marketing company. The prospect knows you have a work at home opportunity to present to them but they really want to see what type of a mentor you are going to be.

In actual fact, you're on trial from the moment a prospect leaves their contact information on any one of your attraction marketing prospecting properties.

This pre-selling period is the most important part of the work at home process. You can attract people to you but you also need to drive home your advantage during this delicate stage.

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