There is an art to writing press releases. You should write a press release to offer newsworthy information and avoid stuffing your press release with blatant ad copy. The editors will reject this. Editors are looking for something of unique, informative and of substance. The headline has to grab their attention because the first few seconds depend on whether the editor looks at your press release or not since they get thousands of releases every day.

Here are some important tips to getting your Press Release noticed:

Make sure your headline pops out at your audience

Use the first paragraph to answer who, what, where, when, why & how.

Your why should be the meat of your story to tell your reader including the editor/reporter and audience why this product or service would be of interest to them. Your why should include all the benefits that your product or service offers to a prospective customer.

No hyped up words or big words or adjectives. Just stick to your facts. This is all that matters in a Press Release.

Stay focused on the benefits that your product or service offers. List the solutions to any problems that you can provide to your customer or website visitor.

Use facts and statistics to back up any claims that you make in your Press Release.

Consider sending out a Press Release Kit, instead of just a simple press release. In your kit, include a letter, the Press Release, Business Fact Sheet, Your Biography, Product Samples, Photos, Company Literature, and your Business Card.

If you sell any kind of products, you would receive more attention if you were able to send a sample with the Press Release. However, the information you send in the Press Release is what will be most effective even though your sample will be also appreciated.

Before you send a Press Release kit, make sure you count the cost – is it worth the effort? In your letter, you may indicate that upon request, you will be able to send samples.

Be sure to include in your press release as much contact information as possible, so that the reader/audience and the editors can easily reach you. Include your phone number, alternate phone number; if possible, fax number, email address, and web address. Include the hours you are available at the listed phone number and add an after hours phone number, if it applies.

To indicate the end of your press release, include a few simple characters. Placing "###" at the end of your release, signifies the end of your Press Release.

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