All of us are writers inside. Some know it and some don't. Writing a journal, book, article, small note, things to do list, essay, college paper, high school paper, middle school essay, elementary school composition, business report, and letter are just a few ways that people can ignite their embedded writing gift.

You don't have to be a published writer or author to feel appreciated for what you write on paper. You can contribute so much when you can write a letter to a sick relative or a person who is incarcerated to cheer them up or to offer some kind of encouragement and motivation.

Keeping a journal is also a way you can improvise and sharpen your writing skills. Who knows – maybe those journal entries can some day become a full-fledged book. Don't underestimate your writing abilities. All of us have some kind of writing talent. As long as a pen and paper exists, there will always be a writer in you.

Of course, you may not have liked those writing assignments in elementary school, middle school, high school and college, but they did help you in some way to become a better person, didn't they?

In your career, employment capacity and business world, you cannot get away from writing. Whether it is a report, a resume, a proposal, a sales copy or a written analysis, writing is unavoidable.

Some people don't advance in their writing because they think it is too much work, boring or just not for them. In this case, that is why copywriters, press release writers, article writers; blog writers and book writers exist. If everyone were to write their own material, there would be no need for these professions. There are specific techniques required to write an article, a sales copy, a book and a press release. Not every one wants to learn how to do that and don't want to spend the time either.

Continuous writing is necessary to all business owner; whether it is for a newsletter, proposal, report, website content, book, ebook, or blog. A business owner would be remiss not to write their own content or have someone else write it for them. Of course, they could write it themselves, but time constraints would probably deter them.

Some business owners and students don't know where to turn to get help. Students do have parents, instructors, writing lab and other friends that can help them if they ask for such help. Business owners, however, have to either be doing it on their own or hire help. A writer comes into play to save the day.

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