To be effective in achieving your goals it is absolutely important to make them something that you really want. But how do you do that? Often uncovering your desires and dreams is a bigger challenge than making them come true.

One of the ways to spot what you want is answering the questions below. They've proved to "dig out" one's core desires and deepest dreams, so take some time to answer them:

1) If everything was possible and you knew you couldn't fail, what would you choose to do? What would you like to learn, where would you like to live what people would you choose to be with?

2) If you had the power to change anything in your life, what would that be? What if you could change anything in the world?

3) What did you want when you were 5-year-old child? A 10-year-old? A 15-year-old teenager?

4) When your life comes to an end, what will you need to have accomplished to leave this planet peacefully?

5) If you didn't have to work and had enough time money to do everything you want, what would that be? Would you have a job? Which one?

6) If YOU had to PAY for going to work, what do you enjoy so much, you'd gladly pay for?

Write down your ideas and compare them to your current goal list. Your happiness and well being are greatly influenced by how much those two lists have in common.

Try to set your goals so that they are in harmony with your deep intentions you've found with those questions.

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