Commonly known as “four hands massage” or “couples massage,” Tandem consists of two therapists, working in unison to deliver an extraordinary experience in relaxation and energy balance.

The receiver (you) only interacts with the Leader of the session, and never really gets to ’see’ the follower, who remains a mysterious presence during the session. The mind is unable to process two sensations happening, and goes into a neutral, relaxed state unable to ‘think’ of anything in particular. This, of course, enhances the relaxed state of the mind and body, creating an almost ethereal perception of time.

As time moves through its cycles, Yin and Yang are based from the Chinese representations of Day and Night, usually depicted as a scene in a mountain valley, with one side alight with sun (yang), the other side in shadow (yin). As time moves across the valley, the positions of yin and yang slowly exchange places, encompassing the qualities of, and in unique ways, becoming the other.

The Yang therapist: is characterized as hard, fast, solid, dry, focused, hot, and aggressive, associated with masculinity and daytime. A male therapist takes on this role in our Tandem teams.

The Yin therapist: is usually characterized as slow, soft, ethereal, diffuse, cold, wet, and tranquil. It is generally associated with the feminine energies of birth, generation, and night. The female therapist takes on this role in our Tandem teams.

Sessions are designed to utilize yin and yang, movements and strokes to balance both energies which course through the body, exchanging places as in the Chinese mountain valley, revealing from each core what was hidden within, one encompassing the other, bringing into light and dark that which is needed for correction and balance.

Author's Bio: 

Gayla is one of the four founding members of Yin Yang Tandem Massage. The other members are: Jamie Schab, David Otto, and Richard Kriedi.