Moms… turn your passions into profits.

* Do you have a dream or a passion you’ve put on hold, slowly simmering away on your back burner?

* Do you want the best of both worlds, be at home with the kids and run a profitable business contributing income to the household?

Not long ago I was in your shoes. I retired from teaching to commit to the most important full-time job of all, being a mom, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me waiting to explode out. The time was right and I launched an online business, enabling me to stay home with my two children.

When women become moms, their passions, creativity and talent don’t disappear; they just get placed on hold for a while. Soon, many moms find a desire to express themselves in other ways. They have this “There’s got to be more” feeling. Perhaps it is a hobby you enjoy, music, art sports, etc. Do you say “When the kids are in school then I’ll start…?” Finish the sentence and you have your online marketing idea.

The "mom market" opportunity is tremendous.

* Greater than 30 million moms are online

* There are 8 million women owned business generating more that 2 trillion dollars in sales per year

* Women start businesses 2 times faster than men with a longer survival rate

The time will never be better to start an online business. Good news… it’s not as hard as you think to join the growing sorority of work-at-home-moms (WAHM). So, what do you have to do?

After you have identified your passion you must research any competition and see if it is a viable business idea. Go to a few websites and get a feel for what each site offers. If there is NO competition, you may need to rethink your idea as there may not truly be a market for you.

1. Write a business plan. What kind of business is it? Give a detailed description of the business and its goals. Identify your target market. Describe your marketing strategy. Explain financial operations.

2. Organize. How much time will you invest each week? Schedule it. Write down daily, weekly and monthly business goals. Maintain your own office space.

3. Branding. Make your business name something you love and easy to spell. Come up with a tagline/logo. This is how the public recognizes you.

4. Website-Domain name must be easy to spell and remember. Make sure it is available. Your website design must be easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

5. Marketing- This will make or break your business. Get the word out. Network. Advertise. Word of mouth. Buy a good marketing book.

6. Knowing it all – you don’t and you never will. Just do it anyway. Ask for help. Most mompreneurs are more than willing to help.

There are challenges, of course.

* As every mom knows it’s hard fitting 25 hours into a 24 hour day. The number one challenge is finding the time to wear 3 hats every day; mom, wife and mompreneur. Block out your time, make it work and you’ll be glad you did.

* Rest. Moms don’t need rest... at least that’s what the world seems to think. But you do. Don’t stay up late every night. Get your sleep; otherwise your family life will suffer.

* There is an initial financial impact, especially at start-up. Expenses add up fast. Make sure this business is a family decision and the costs are discussed upfront

* Time with your husband. Don’t forget him. His support is essential. Now and then surprise him with a secluded retreat with just the two of you, no kids, and no business, just romance.

Moms don’t have to sacrifice their family life to pursue their dreams anymore. This investment in time now will deliver tremendous benefits to you and your family down the road. Imagine the possibilities. In a few short weeks you can be on your way to the fulfilling life of being an online mompreneur.

Author's Bio: 

Tammy Gibson

Owner, A Mom In Red High Heels

Tammy Gibson is the proud owner of A Mom In Red High, an online beauty & fashion guide helping moms to live life in style! She has been happily married since 1995 to Larry. Together they have 2 children, Nicholas and Montana (named after football great, Joe Montana).

Tammy lives by the Latin saying “Aude Aliquid Dignum” (Dare Something Worthy). She says nothing is more worthy and daring than being home with her 2 children and being a successful Mompreneur.

Tammy enjoys helping moms maintain their sense of style after having kids. She is also available for business consulting, personal coaching and speaking engagements.