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Recently, we discovered a new singing group called Pink Martini. Our daughter put us on to this group several weeks ago so we downloaded them from iTunes. We have been grooving to their sounds ever since! They are utterly delightful and we highly recommend them to you as we have to many others. They reside in Portland, Oregon.

Pink Martini’s music is unique and highly enjoyable and they often have songs on the same album sung in a variety of languages including French, Spanish, English, and Italian. They have also recorded songs for their albums in Croatian, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, and other languages. Their group as one reviewer said, “Essentially plays internationalist orchestral pop that is a model of taste and restraint.” We describe their music to friends as jazzy music, as toe-tapping music with Latin rhythms and overtones of classical and pop. Blended together a musical sound is created that is very unique and smashingly lovely.

One of the songs on their album Hey Eugene! is called Everywhere and we think it has important lessons about love and relationships. One verse goes like this: “Every time I’m far from home I am never quite alone. Whenever we’re apart you’re always in my heart. For you are with me everywhere.”

In our research on successful marriage over these past 25+ years we have heard a similar refrain from many, many of the couples we have interviewed. Couple after couple report to us how they always think about the one they love when they are in the room next door or when they are on the other side of world. They talk about feeling almost as if the person they love more that anyone or anything else in the world is part of them wherever they are. It’s like their lover has become a physical and psychological part of who they are.

A friend of ours has recently fallen in love and reports that he thinks of his new lady “all the time!” To us, this phenomenon is one of the best indicators of real love. Not only do you think about the person you love nearly all the time but you feel their presence in your heart and in your soul. You feel as if they are a part of you. You are constantly pre-occupied with them. You are in love!

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Another stanza from the song, Everywhere, sums this notion all up we think. It goes like this – “Everywhere I go I see a world designed for you and me. I always realize, with every new sunrise, that you are with me everywhere.”

To feel this way is to feel love and to be in love. Trust the way you feel. Believe in love. Believe in true love because to feel this way is to have love in your heart. To feel this way about another human being is to look forward to sunrises that awaken every day within you the realization that you love someone else more that yourself.

Being in love is wonderful. Being in love for a lifetime is heaven. “You are always in my heart” is a refrain you feel for someone because you are in love. And who knows, someday, like us, you may celebrate your golden anniversary together.

Simple Things Matter in love and marriage. Love well!

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

Authors of the best-selling book and multiple-award winning book Building a Love that Lasts: The Seven Surprising Secrets of Successful Marriage (Jossey-Bass/Wiley 2010) Available wherever books are sold.

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