He is everything to me, life without him is pointless
I want nothing except being beside him
But now he is gone and my life is meaningless
Desperate Girl

The problem with making someone everything in your life is that when you lose him you will find yourself having nothing. One of the major signs of unhealthy relationships is making your partner the center of the world and ignoring all of the other things that you used to do before knowing him.

Some people start to lose contact with their old friends as soon as they get into a relationship. They only care about the feelings of their partners and forget about the feelings of those friends who always used to be with them. Then few months later when the relationship becomes a part of the daily routine they realize that they have sacrificed lots of things for the sake of this relationship yet they are not satisfied. At this point they may start to make contact again with their old friends who may refuse to restore back the relations because of the way they were dumped. At this point they find themselves in a deep loss; they have sacrificed lots of things then got nothing in exchange but a routine relationship.

My life is pointless

Even worse, if the relationship ended unexpectedly, the person’s life will become totally pointless. Not because his old partner was a great person, but because he made his partner everything in his life. He sacrificed his hobbies, his friends and the things that he enjoyed most just to be with his partner and when he lost him he found himself having nothing. The bottom line is, don’t make someone everything in your life because if you lost him one day you will lose your whole life with him.

Guidelines for Healthy Relationships

If you want to have a healthy relationship then you should not make your partner the only thing in your life, instead just make him the most important thing but not everything. Keep your old friends, keep your old hobbies and don’t change your life style unless it really important to do so. In a healthy relationship each person has his own separate life yet they share everything else together. You can introduce your partner to your friends or let him know about the things you love to do instead of forgetting about them; this will increase intimacy and in the same time sustain the healthy relationship. If you did so then one day you lost your partner you will realize that you have only lost one person and not everything.

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