In business you can often think that with better marketing and more capable staff your business and your life will improve.

However if you're disorganised and the internal business systems are the same (which is very common), then your ability to cope with additional work and find and retain good people will diminish greatly.

Through my work with small business, I find the personal strengths and weaknesses of the owner directly impacts the business... for better or worse.

Jan's Story

One of my clients had the makings of a highly lucrative business. She'd been in business 10 years and had a team of 7 people working for her. Unfortunately she kept experiencing a high turnover in staff which greatly limited her ability to boost her profits. It also caused a lack of continuity and uncertainty for her clients.

Prior to us working together, Jan had thrown money at various programs and seminars looking for her 'magic pill' to keep staff. She had used all forms of consultants but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Her personal problems held her back and it wasn't until she finally realised this area of her life was affecting her business, and she sought appropriate help in that area, did her business and life begin to change.

Jan had been trying to solve the wrong issue. In fact she went out of her way to avoid facing up to what was really getting in the way of her keeping a strong team of people. She always lay the blame on everyone else.


If your business and life aren't turning out the way you want, you'll discover where the problem lies... by taking a look in the mirror!

Work harder on yourself than anything else.

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Lorraine Pirihi is the founder of and creator of “The Productivity and Profit System” the complete one-on-one training program for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Lorraine is also the celebrated author of “The Productivity and Profit Home Study System” which helps you to easily organize your time, your marketing, your people and your systems so you are much more profitable and have time to enjoy life. This is available at Online Store.

Lorraine is a productivity expert, leading business coach, author and speaker. She’s known for her practical approach, combining a unique blend of innovative, straight-shooter, no-fluff strategies that really work.

Being in her own business for over a decade she is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs work less, earn more and have a life!

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