By Dr. Dennis Merrit Jones

“Make a commitment to follow the path of no resistance. This is the path through which nature’s intelligence unfolds spontaneously, without friction or effort. When you have the exquisite combination of acceptance, responsibility and defenselessness, you will experience life flowing with effortless ease.” ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

I just returned from an early morning walk in my meditation garden and I made some observations that I want to share with you. Everything appears to be in bloom now; each tree is bringing forth the fruit it was created to manifest; each bush revealing the beauty of the flowers it was meant to share with the world—it’s a beautiful thing to witness. The amazing thing was, as I sat in the quiet among the grove of fruit trees, palm trees, and various kinds of flowers and roses, I listened…and I watched closely—not once did I hear or see even one of these beautiful expressions of Life, grunt, push, manipulate, or try to force its fruit or flowers to grow. This is a classic example of the Law of Least Effort in action. Everything in Nature has its own natural rhythm—its own way of trusting the Life Force and surrendering to the flow of the Energy coursing through it, within it and all around it. It appears that the things in Nature grow and produce fruit without any effort. And then there is us: Out of our own fear of “not enough” and an egoic need to control the universe, we tend to try and force things to unfold and “grow” the way we want them to grow, in our own time and space, according to our own self-serving needs and desires. In short, we end up pushing against the universe and our fruit (a life worth living) seems difficult to “get” to grow.

It’s true isn’t it? We do it with our relationships. We do it with our finances. We even do it with our bodies. We try so hard to make things go (grow) in the direction we want them to, we end up short-circuiting our own good by not honoring the same Divine Intelligence within us that does such a great job in Nature. I don’t believe that an apple tree grows apples with a hidden agenda (other to promulgate it own seed), so the tree has no need to push, manipulate or force anything. It’s doing what comes natural to it and so it lets Life do the work. What would happen if we could make like the apple tree and just let Life do the work? It sounds too easy doesn’t it? It is actually so easy it will be about the most difficult thing we will ever do. The way to access the Law of Least Effort is simple—practicing it is another thing. Dr. Chopra gives the three basic components that will enable us to access and use the Law of Least Effort: 1. Accept what is in every given moment; this doesn’t mean we have to like it—we just have to learn not to push against it. 2. Take responsibility for how we respond to what is; rather than blaming anyone (including ourselves), we remain conscious enough to look for the seed of a blessing in what is. 3. Live in defenselessness; we do this by letting go of the need to control other people’s opinion of us—Interestingly enough, this leads us back to acceptance of what is.

Hey, if an apple tree can accept “what is” every day, and never blames the weather for its problems, and never apologizes to anyone for a poor apple production when the weather doesn’t cooperate, perhaps there’s something for we humans to learn here. You can’t force your life to grow faster than it should any more than you can force a rose to blossom or an apple to grow, but you can trust that Life always knows what it’s doing. You are not here by mistake. That means you can trust that your life will unfold perfectly in its own season, in its own space and time when you don’t resist what is. Now breathe; do a deep let go, and let God…and smile.

* Take a look and see if you are using the Law of Least Effort wisely in your life today. It is easy to do:

* Notice whether you are at ease or there is a sense of stress attached to whatever you are doing in any given moment. Spend at least an hour out of doors today and simply observe Nature. Witness the effortlessness in which Life unfolds right before your eyes.

* Look and listen for signs of forced effort and struggle; you will notice none. Then, align with that Energy and see how it can filter into your life experience today.

* This gives new meaning to the saying “I Let go, and I let God” doesn’t it? Now, don’t just do something, sit there!

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Dennis Merritt Jones, D.D.Profile of a Visionary and His Vision

If we believe as Dr. Ernest Holmes has said that "A good metaphysician soars, speculates and applies," then Dennis Merritt Jones is indeed such a spiritual pillar and preeminent thinker in the New Thought movement. For over twenty-two years his influence has reached countless thousands, not only as the Founder and Spiritual Director of OneSpirit Center for Conscious Living in Simi Valley, CA., but as a best selling author of the classic How to Speak Religious Science, and now through his latest book release The Art of Being, 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life. In 2004 RSI honored him with the Raymond Charles Barker writer’s award. His contagious voice of inspiration also reaches thousands through his weekly television program ONE POWER (seen around the world at and radio appearances.

"Dennis holds a Doctorate of Divinity, a Doctorate of Religious Science, and degrees in marketing and music. However, far more than his educational accomplishments, "Dr. D.,"—as the spiritual community affectionately calls him—has earned a position of respect and love within the movement because of his embodiment of Truth principles along with his powerful conviction that New Thought is potentially one of the most impactful spiritual influences upon society grounding a realistic, spiritually mature approach to the challenges of 21st century living.

Throughout the past 23 years Dr. Jones has written curriculum for the RSI Board of Education, served as the chairperson for the Marketing Committee authoring various materials used to this day in RSI churches. He has served as RSI 1st Vice-President, chairperson for Creative Thought magazine, the ministerial Placement Committee and the RSI Global Outreach Committee. He is also a certified Life Purpoase Coach.

The crown support of Dr. D’s accomplishments is his best friend, spiritual partner and wife, Diane, who shares equally his vision of expanding the awareness of God’s presence in all Life.

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