Today's world is a scary place.

Big businesses are closing their doors,
banks are putting the squeeze on you,
gas has never really been a polite word, but now it is positively hateful,
food prices are soaring
and worst of all, your income is shrinking.....

For middle class America the bogeyman is no longer under the bed, but is crawling out and there is nowhere to turn.

TV and the Internet are awash in ways to manifest wealth by thinking rich. Heck, I have used up all my brain cells concentrating on wealth and abundance, but somehow there seems to be a short circuit between the brain and "the other world", because nothing has really changed!!

So, you are hanging out there, wondering how you are going to earn extra income. There are only so many hours in the day to work, and you still have to do the laundry, car pool the kids, mow the lawn.... the list is endless.

But there is one avenue that has been around for centuries. It is the GIFT OF GIVING.

Gifting is just exactly what the name implies, the giving of unconditional gifts to another. Gifts may take a variety of forms, including monetary gifts. “Giving” comes from those people who have the ability and desire to help others. Those who have received gifts through a gifting program have been literally blessed by others who perform the selfless act of giving.

Legal and Good Gifting Programs are not investment clubs, there are no joining fees, does not involve multi-level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in this activity. There is no business or company name or location and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply support each other in a team concept and help change lives.

There are altruistic reasons for giving, and that is to be correspondingly rewarded with gifts from other people. The saying "as you sow, so shall you reap" has never been truer in this instance.

Many people who participate in organized GIFTING have saved their homes from foreclosure, put food on an empty table, paid for an important medical procedure, and improved the overall quality of life.

Each and every U.S. citizen can give away up to $12,000 per person each year. A husband and wife together can give $24,000 to any child, grandchild... or anyone else they feel like. For instance, if a couple has two children and 8 grandchildren, they can gift a total $240,000 (10 beneficiaries x $24,000) per year, completely free of gift and inheritance taxes.

If you’re approached about joining a club but you aren’t sure if it’s an illegal gifting club, the Federal Trade Commission sets out guidelines:

* Consider that a legitimate gift has no strings attached and is not an "investment."

* Avoid being misled into thinking a gifting club is legitimate because the ads say that members consider their payments a gift and expect nothing in return. This is an attempt to make an illegal transaction look legal.

* Be wary of success stories or testimonials of tremendous payoffs. Very few members of illegal gifting clubs or pyramid schemes ever receive any money.

* Take your time. Don’t buckle under to a high-pressure sales pitch that requires you to join immediately or risk losing out on the opportunity. Remember, solid opportunities – and solid friendships – aren’t formed through nerve-wracking tactics.

As with most things in life, NOTHING COMES TO YOU WITHOUT A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF WORK. At the end of the day, it comes down to your own gut feeling. After all, you want to perpetuate the process.

Do you need the money?
Would you be comfortable sending money to someone in the belief that you will also receive cash in return?
Would you be prepared to solicit other people to gift to you?
Are you prepared to "work the phones" to create a "line" of people who are looking for the same opportunity?

Opportunities abound in life. If GIFTING is the manifestation of abundance and wealth that comes your way, then I say grab it run with it. If you are not comfortable with it, I say find another way to generate extra income.

But mostly, I say God Bless to everyone who is struggling in today's mad and disintegrating world.

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Author's Bio: 

Lanky is an intrepid entrepreneur, having emigrated to the USA in 2000. The difficulties of establishing a business in a strange environment did not deter her, and she established a warehouse and fulfillment company that services small foreign companies and small local USA companies.

She is an internet affiliate marketer, and author of many articles on diverse subjects, such as Exporting to the USA, Sudden Spouse Death, Financial articles, Notes from the Gurus.