You have it in you to be a winner. If you're thinking that your spiritual fortitude may be at an all-time low, let's think again.

Don't you know that you are in a race, and that only one can win the prize? (1 Cor. 9:24) When you're watching the Olympics, it is obvious that every person striving for first prize is in top performance mode. Some even go as far as to take extra substances to give them an added advantage over their competitors. They will do their utmost in order to win top prize.

Although you are not in a physical race, and may not feel like striving for anything right at the moment, the truth is that you are. You are racing to the spiritual finish line. The price at the end of the line is: Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord! (Mat. 25: 21) Millions of people are in the same race. Millions will not make it as they don't know your Lord.
You will make it, if you are His and you obey His Word.

The race has already been won! The Victor is living in you! Where there's a victor, there's a battle. Oh yes, there are always battles raging. In fact that's why you may be suffering from battle fatigue now. Don't worry; that won't last long. When you build up your spiritual strength, the emotional and physical weakness will disappear!

Because you are battling a spiritual enemy, you need spiritual armor to win. Your strength lies in the Lord and the power of His might! He has given you His best to conquer every enemy: the Holy Spirit. In order to be protected from all sides, allow yourself to be covered by Him. How?

Replace fear with Truth, and acknowledge that Jesus has made you righteous. Be eager at all times to share the good news of the Gospel of peace. Constantly build up your faith as it is the component that fights off the doubting, debilitating, discouraging, negative and painful reports that are trying to bring you down.

Next, make a conscious decision to shield your mind with the helmet of salvation. It will dispel ungodly, defeating thoughts and keep your focus on the Victor and your victory. Then, speak the Word of God over every situation that is hindering you. It's the sword of the Spirit and it's for your use!

Whenever doubt gets in the way or the going gets rough, find what God has to say about your situation and speak the verse aloud. The more often you do it, the more your faith will be built up and you will be able to stand up against the odds!

Lastly, pray at all times and expect the victory. It's yours! (Eph. 6: 10 - 18)

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Ann Stewart, author of With Wings As Eagles, aims to encourage and inspire you to become the person God has purposed you to be. You're welcome to subscribe to her free weekly, inspirational newsletter, Life Altering Words.